Sunday, May 11, 2008

5/11/08: Happy Mommy's Day

We had a wonderful Mommy's Day. We went to Nonna and Nonno's (Daddy's parents) house first for breakfast, then later met Nana and Papa (Mommy's parents) at Danversport Yacht Club (same room Mommy and Daddy got married) for brunch. Evan painted a face on a potted plant for Mommy at daycare, went shopping with Nana and Papa and got Mommy flowers, perfume and soap, gave her a Digital photo frame, and then both Lauren and Evan did a craft with Mommy and Daddy with their handprints. Here are all of our April and May '08 Pictures including Lauren's Birthday.

Mommy gave Evan two Speed Racer cars and Lauren a bathing suit since they are the reason she is a Mommy. Nana used to give gifts to Mommy on Mother's Day too, this is where Mommy got the idea.

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