Thursday, July 3, 2008

7/3/08: Gilda Rambles

So I was stuck in traffic on the way home today and got thinking about a post about me on my blog, so here it is.

It is amazing how much our life changes. People always told me life would be different with kids and I never really got that till I had my own. I notice it more in the following circumstances:

* I am looking for a Facebook picture and despite the fact I have thousands (literally) of the kids, trying to find any pictures of me is impossible. It is even harder to find one where I look good and not that I have just been hit by a truck. Now I know why at the age of 10 I had a look on my face in every picture of "don't even dare taking a picture of me". I am sure my kids will be like that. Now they just look and smile.

* I look at my once finely manicured nails and see that they are no longer.

* I am wearing the same shorts for 5 years and my kids have a full closet of clothes that they could not possibly wear all of them.

* I love running because it is my alone time with just my thoughts.

* I now understand why my Mom used to say "I'll give you something to cry about", and why it used to scare the crap out of me.

* All of my friends are Moms...and what do we talk about??? Our kids...unless it is after a few glasses of wine. The few friends I have that don't have kids probably wouldn't want to talk to me without a few glasses of wine.

* I teach a Step Class and despite the fact I am an Aerobics instructor, I spend 1/2 the class talking about the cakes I am making. Talk about torture for my class.

* I enjoy going to places I went as a kid and probably get more excited than my kids do being there (ie: Bedford pond, Canobie Lake Park, etc).

* I judge the success of my day by how many times my kids smile or giggle and not if I had time to take a shower.

* I use terms like sippy cup, snacky snacks and poopy diaper! Who does this??? Have I lost my mind.

* I spent 4 hours in the bathroom one day potty training my son...and even sadder is that I recorded how many times we went in, which is the reason I know how long we were in there. 26 times in the bathroom, and 11 accidents on top of that. But the next day he did great, so I guess it worked.

* I call my kids names like "love bug", "lovey", "cutey patooty" and never had a pet name for my husband.

* I spend all my time on the internet looking for events at libraries, kids movies, soccer/swim/Gymboree classes, Zoos and other events for the kids and even get e-mail updates from several websites about kid's movies, and tickets to longer do I get concert updates or drive to Buffalo NY to go to see the Pat's play.

* I go to the Revolution Rock Bar for a kids party...and not to drink.

* I have learned "people who live in glass houses should not throw stones" and "never say never" - you think your kids won't throw a tantrum or look over the booth at other people in a restaurant but they will...just you watch...they all have their moments no matter what and usually there is no way to reason with them when this happens.

* I have watched the movie Cars far more than my favorite movies Ghostbusters and Apollo 13. I may be able to recite the whole thing from memory soon. Dare to dream?

* Simple things like running to the grocery store to get milk is a big production with 2 children in tow. There is no such thing as a quick errand any more.

* Evan names off all of his friends and when I ask him who Mommy's friends are he says "Lauren, Evan, Daddy and Fred". How sad is that? The few times I have gone out with friends he has been so suprised that I am going out without him.

Ok, enough rambling...I will write more as I think of it. I hope you parents get a chuckle out of this.

By the way I don't think I have posted a picture of our first baby Fred.

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sjaa said...

My contribution:
I spend the day humming the catchy theme song to "Thomas the Tank Engine" and even sing some of it out loud to a couple of my coworkers.