Monday, September 22, 2008

9/21/08: No reason, just cute pics

Ok, I didn't really have a reason, but I thought these pictures were cute. Here is Evan and Lauren in overalls. They just look so adorable. Of course for those who know me well you know I take tons of pictures. This is proven by my Shutterfly Share site.

Evan hugging his sister.

And more Soccer pictures. I just think Evan looks so adorable in this little uniform I take so many pictures. Here he is with Austin (or daycare provider Neicy's son). He has been playing Soccer since he was 3 and is now on the Varsity team as a Sophmore in High School. He helped us out at practice since John is now the head coach of the Green Goblins (our new Team name).

Here is Coach Daddy running drills with the kids. Here he is with his 5 out of his 7 Team (left to right): Sriganesh, Nicholas, Evan, Nolan, and Caeden.

Evan scored 2 Goals in the 3 on 3 Games (unfortunately they were on the wrong Goal, but despite that, great effort!) He loved playing and didn't want to sit out.

And here is Lauren learning some pointers.

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