Saturday, May 17, 2014

5/19/14: Shoplet Samsill iPad Holder and D-Ring Binder

My kids love playing with the iPad.  The funny thing is the iPad was my birthday present yet I never use it.  The kids are always using it for Minecraft or other games.  As you know kids can be hard on electronics.  When we first got the iPad we got a case from Apple.  Since then the case has ripped in many places and would not stay on.  I was very excited when Shoplet offered to send me the Samsill Fashion iPad Holder.
I absolutely love it and so do the kids.  It is much more sturdy than our other case.  It looks good and has a magnetic smart cover that wakes and puts the iPad to sleep by opening and closing it which is great as the kids never turn it off.
It is versatile and works with the iPad 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation.
The kids love that it has an adjustable stand feature.  You can position it easily at different angles to view.  The kids use this everytime they are watching a video together.  No more complaining about one of them holding it.
It feels much more substantial than the case we used to have that came directly from Apple.  Plus the cutouts for the camera, ports and controls are perfectly sized.  Especially the camera cutout which does not interfere with the camera's operation.  It is hard to see but it also has a diamond texture on the case that makes it look even nicer.  It sells for only $23.85 on Shoplet.  It also comes in several other colors.    
I also received the Samsill Top Performance DXL Locking D-Ring Binder With Label Holder in Burgundy.  When handling it I could tell it was a high quality binder.
It also has a curved back spine which I had never seen before.  This spine design received a Comfort Certification from US Ergonomics. The D-ring clips are easy to open and it also has a label holder.  It looks compact but can hold 250 sheets.  Great to store all my papers for the school PTO that I am the President of.  It sells for $8.80 at Shoplet here.
As always I am pleased with these Shoplet Products.  
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Disclosure:  I received these two products from Shoplet for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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