Monday, March 16, 2015

3/16/15: School Art Show

Last week we had our annual Art Show at school and it was a huge success with 60 pieces of art from grades kindergarten to fifth grade.  I have been running the art show since Evan was in kindergarten so this was my fifth time running it.  The kids were great helping me out by handing out programs.
Both kids did an awesome job making art pieces.  They both competed in the 3 dimensional category.  Evan loves Minecraft so he decided to do a creeper.  He individually glued all of those pieces of paper on to it.
Lauren loves Frozen so she decided to make an Olaf.  He turned in to Olaf in summer as he was melting away and a bit large.  He sort of scared me every time I came around the corner and saw him in our dining room.
We have judges come in that are artists in town and judge the art.  I don't know how they do it, as I loved all the kids artwork.  Evan won in the fourth grade for 3 dimensional.
He was so excited!
Lauren won in the second grade for 3 dimensional.  Here she is getting her medal from me.
Lauren was thrilled that she won.
Now a question I have for you is how do you judge if the student made the art?  I had a parent approach me and complain about this on one piece and how do you determine if it is true.  The same goes for a school project that a parent has done for a child.  Do teachers ever send home a project questioning if it was made by the student?  In my mind it is a school art show and the rules are in the registration that the art piece must be done by the student in the last year.  If the student has not made it they have to live with the fact that it was not created by them.  Plus as I always say, I am volunteering and running the art show out of the goodness of my own heart.  I am happy to have others become involved and help run it too if they would like things done differently.  But in general the people who complain the most are generally the ones that never volunteer to help.
 Congratulations to both Evan and Lauren on their wins who made their own art.
 Now I get a little rest until I need to run the Family Fun Dance at school.

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John said...

There is nothing you can do. Who knows what percent of an art piece was done by the actual student. It is a fun time and not really a competition. It would be nice if 100% was done by students. Maybe the kid is really a better artist than most adults. I know he is probably better than me.