Monday, November 24, 2008

11/24/08: Things I learned over the weekend

First off, some things I learned or realized again this weekend:
1. I actually have a Living Room floor. I barely ever see it due to all the toys but after the major clean up we did over the weekend and new rules of 1 toy at a time I can see the floor again.
2. We have enough toys to open a Toys R Us...well maybe only a KB Toys, but still, a lot, which John keeps reminding me as you look to the next picture and see the presents under the tree.
3. I love having the Christmas tree up - well I didn't learn this over the weekend, but still.
4. I stink at wrapping presents! Again didn't learn it over the weekend, but realized it again. Also realized Santa doesn't wrap any better than me (hee, hee, he is me!).
5. I also cannot make sugar cookies to save my life. I can bake a cake and decorate it to look like a Princess Castle or Mickey Mouse, but a simple sugar cookie, forget it!

My floor!

Our tree with presents underneath it. Not too many left to buy.

We have been busy as always. Last week we went to see Wall-E at the Wilmington Library, then Music time at the Billerica library on Friday. Today we went to Music Time at the Wilmington library and here we are over the weekend at my friend's Green School's Community Fair. Check out her website.

We also have family photos and cute pictures of the kids that I will share once I get my Christmas cards out. Don't want to take away from the card by posting them.

Well there you have it, you are all caught up. I am sure you missed me not posting in a week. :-)

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