Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Kentucky Kingdom Family Fun in Louisville

Our family loves amusement parks! When we were invited to go to Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, Kentucky after the VEX Worlds Robotics Competition I jumped at the chance to go. These kids had worked hard competing and it was time to wind down and have some well deserved fun! Kentucky Kingdom did not disappoint, the only thing I wish is that it was warmer and we could experience Hurricane Bay because it looked awesome!
I personally love roller coasters and couldn't wait to try out T3 - Terror to the Third Power! It was awesome with five inversions! I love the feeling of hanging from the tracks. This roller coaster definitely ranked up in the top 10 for me!
Another roller coaster that is the newest addition to Kentucky Kingdom is Kentucky Flyer! We loved it! I always appreciate a good wooden roller coaster.
I liked this roller coaster because it is good for the roller coaster enthusiast and also the newer roller coaster rider. Not too scary but just enough thrills.
Here is a short video on it.
Here you can see Lightning Run!
The park was only open for the participants at VEX Robotics Worlds and it was cool seeing the logo projected.
Here are the kids enjoying Prof. John's Flying Machines.
Breakdance was lots of fun with spinning and whirling.
I enjoyed this one!
There is also King Louie's Playland with lots of fun attractions for the little ones.
Super cute Jump Around Frogs ride.
Who doesn't love a big swing? I love that adults can ride this too if children are a little worried.
The Giant Wheel Ferris Wheel is huge!
Ready for some swinging in the air, try out the Skycatcher. Many of the kids went on it and loved it. I thought it looked really cool at night!
These two didn't leave the ground but demonstrated the ride for me.
There is also a 5D Cinema. It runs every 15 minutes.
Here you can see the pathway to the movie theater that you enter through the gift shop.
They also have a Sea Lion Splash show. Unfortunately it wasn't happening when we were there but it looks really cool!
One of the large gift shops!
In the gift shop  is a Kentucky Show.
What an awesome amusement park!
Next time we will get to experience Hurricane Bay! You can learn more about Hurricane Bay here: 
Make sure to visit Kentucky Kingdom if you are in Louisville, KY!
Disclosure: I was provided with four tickets to Kentucky Kingdom for review purposes. No other compensation was received and as always all opinion are my own.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Discount Code for iD Tech Camps

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is near and dear to my heart as a graduate from WPI in Aerospace Engineering, Robotics Competition Judge, Employee at a CAD (Computer Aided Design) Software Company, and Mother. Now with two children ages 12 and 14 I am excited for all the opportunities they have to pursue STEM education. When I learned about iDTech Camps I was beyond excited to share it with my kids as it will give them a jump on their future. This post was sponsored by iD Tech Camps, but as always all opinions are my own.
Read on as I have a $75 discount code for any iD Tech Camp!
When I was in High School there were limited options for programming languages and robotics was not even in existence. I remember taking Basic programming and wishing there was more I could do. Now with programs like iD Tech Camps students ages 7-19 can learn to code, design video games, produce videos, design Fortnite-inspired levels, mod Minecraft, create with Roblox, engineer robots, model and print 3D characters, work with AI and machine learning, build laptops, learn about cybersecurity, and more! They have been holding STEM Camps for over 20 years in top universities with over 150 locations conveniently held in Massachusetts and across the US.
The iD Tech mission: Our mission is to create life-changing tech experiences that embolden students to shape the future. There are 50 summer courses and year-round Online Private Lessons to set up children for college, internships, and dream careers.
My son loves Minecraft and would love learning more. With small class sizes of only 5-10 students per instructor everyone gets a high level of attention.

As a kid that got involved in VEX Robotics in middle school Evan would love being in a camp to improve their robot and the programming. Evan’s team has been so successful that we are heading to VEX Robotics Worlds next week in Kentucky to compete!
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Plus they make learning fun! Kids learn real-world skill and have a blast doing it! There are raffles, dress-up days, gaming tournaments, pie-you-instructor Friday and outdoor activities. The key is FUN! I have exposed my kids to fun STEM activities since they were young, and it makes them more excited about science and engineering!

Here is a video with more information.

Disclosure: I was provided monetary compensation for promotion of iD Tech Camps. As always, all opinions are my own.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Get Tickets Now to Big Apple Circus

We were lucky to go and see the Big Apple Circus this past weekend! This show did not disappoint! Read on for a discount code for the show at the Northshore Mall, Peabody from April 4th - May 5th.
What I love about this show is that you are always so close to the action. With one ring and no seat more than 50 feet from the performers little ones and adults alike can get a wonderful view. You can also pay extra for the VIP treatment with free concessions including beer and wine. We enjoyed that during the show and it was great!
The show started with a free-standing ladder balancing act by Emil Faltyny. It was so good.
I was very impressed by the “strongest mom in the world” Virginia Tuells and her husband Ihosvanys Perez in DUO FUSION.

Their acrobatic act and unbelievable artistry was beautiful.
 Jenny Vidbel was there with several animals. The horses were gorgeous.
 So beautiful. 
 The dogs were awesome too. 
This one drove a car! 
This little pig was a fan favorite too. 
The fun Spicy Circus, created by Andréanne Quintal, whose team of performers bounce off the walls in her feisty trampoline act was really cool.
 The girls loved it and wanted to meet her after the show. 
The Flying Tuniziani were amazing!
 The quadruple somersault by Ammed Tuniziani was awesome.
Desire of Flight was a beautiful aerial straps act.
The juggler Victor Moiseev was really cool.
The hilarious Mark Gindick and Adam Kuchler kept the show moving and gave the kids a giggle.
 Save 25% on any Wednesday through Friday 7 pm performance, all price levels; good thorough May 3rd. Use Offer Code FAMILY when purchasing at; go to and click Buy Tickets.
The regular performance schedule is Wednesdays at 11am and 7pm; Thursdays at 11am and 7pm; Fridays at 11am and 7pm; Saturdays at 11am, 3pm and 7pm; and Sundays at 12pm and 4pm.
Get your tickets now!

Disclosure: I was provided with four tickets to Big Apple Circus and four tickets to giveaway for promotional purposes. No other compensation has been received and all opinions are my own.