Sunday, September 18, 2016

9/18/16: Moto Z Droid from Verizon

Recently I was invited to an event with Verizon but could not make it as we were in Walt Disney World.  Since I missed the event they sent me one of the new Moto Z Droid phones from Verizon to check out.  Plus I got to try out one of the Moto Mods to literally turn the phone in to a boombox.  The two most important things to me on a phone are the camera and battery and both were awesome on this.
Here is the snap on cover.
I have always had an iPhone so I did a comparison in size of the two.  Look at what a huge difference.  Of course I still have the iPhone 5s so it is on the smaller side anyways.
I did notice that the battery is much better and lasts over a day.  I have always had issues with power on my iPhone and this would help me quite a bit with social media posting while on blogging assignments.  It has a 2600 mAh battery.  It was very responsive and quick.
I also took some pictures with it and they seemed really clear even in low light.  We liked the functionality to turn it twice and see it change the camera orientation and one flip of the wrist to start the camera.  I noticed when the HDR setting on it was a bit on the slow side when taking a picture.  It even has a little message that pops up that says "hold camera steady".  It also includes two free years of storage on Google Photos™ which I could totally use.
What I thought was super impressive was the Moto Mods.  There are mods for power, stereo speakers and to turn your phone in to a projector.  How cool is that?  I received the JBL SoundBoost and was really impressed at the volume and stereo sound.
Here you can see the speaker magnetically connected to the phone.  There is no setup after you attach it the music just comes through the speakers.
Here you can see it in action.  The sound quality was fantastic.
I wasn't able to try it out but the projector sounded awesome also.  It is another Moto Mod that connects and will project photos and videos up to 70 inches wide onto any flat surface.  This would be fun when having people over it would be easy to project and show pictures or videos.  What a cool phone with awesome accessories.
Disclosure:  I was provided the Moto Z Droid and JBL Speaker on loan for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

9/7/16: Canobie Lake Park and Soaking Up The End of Summer

I have been going to Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH since I was a child and have always loved it.  Now we go every year with my childhood neighbor and best friend and her family.  Between the fun rides, water park and games it is a full day of fun.
I love that every year the kids get more daring and try new rides.  This year Lauren tried Untamed and loved it!  She liked it so much she went on twice!
 This roller coaster goes straight up and drops and then goes right in to a loop.  It is so much fun!

 Also many people don't know that there is a single rider line around the side.  You will be separated but it does allow you to get on the ride quicker.

Here is some video of the ride.

We always make sure to get discounted tickets.  If you join the Canobie Club you will get updates on when discounted tickets are on sale and any promotions going on.
The kids love the Pirate Ship and went on 3 times.  They literally got off the ride and ran back in to line again.
Fun on the Wave Blaster.  The kids love this one.
There are some less intense rides also with a full kids ride area and of course the carousel.  You can see all the rides here.

Here you can see some of the kiddie rides from when the kids were younger.
Another favorite more tame ride is the Antique Cars.  The kids pretended they were a family riding in the car.
They also have a Canobie Lake Park App you can download and use while you are in the park!  
Another favorite is the Boston Tea Party.  This is a ride to cool off on a hot day.
The kids also wanted to have some water fun so we headed in to Castaway Island.  There are a few slides and a lot of water fun.
Watch out for sharks though!  Not really, this is the slush stand inside the water park but I thought it was a funny picture of Lauren.
 Time for the slides!
 Also be on the lookout for Screeemfest which is September 24th to October 30th.  You can see the full schedule here.
 There are five haunted houses, roaming characters and lots of scary fun!
 There is also a petting zoo and fun for kids.
 It is such an awesome place to spend a day.
 Have a great day with family and friends!
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Disclosure:  I was provided four tickets to Canobie Lake Park for this review.  No compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

8/23/16: Groupon makes it easy to save on fun activities for your family

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  As always all opinions are my own.
My family goes to a lot of fun places and we see a lot of great shows.  I have always felt that experiences mean more than material goods.  Memories are so wonderful to have and I feel like I give my kids so many wonderful memories by traveling to attractions and going to shows.  However, going to attractions, zoos, show, and fun activities with the kids is very expensive.  I always look for ways to save money so we can enjoy more for less.  Groupon has always been one of the sites I check first.  If you have not used it you must check out Groupon Things to Do to find activities in your area to save money on.  It is a fantastic way to go to activities with the family and not feel guilty about the money being spent.
This is such a great way to save money locally and when you are travelling.  You can search for places to go in the city you will be travelling to and find lots of great discounts.  There are so many cool things on there like water parks, live shows such as Disney Live, whale watches, mini-golf, concerts, festivals, paintball and more.  There are so many places to go with a discount.  I have used it many times and it is so easy.  When I used it for glow mini-golf I just printed the voucer and showed it to them at the counter and we were good to go.  You can also go online and get the voucher when you visit the location.
Who doesn't love to save money and have fun?  Check them out!
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Saturday, August 20, 2016

8/20/16: Nintendo 3DS Be a Kid For a Day Event

My kids have loved playing on their 3DS gaming systems for many years now so when I got an invite for an exclusive Nintendo 3DS Be a Kid For a Day VIP event I knew they would love it.  Share what it’s like to “Be a Kid For a Day” using the hashtag #3DSKidForADay #Contest and tagging @NintendoAmerica across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and you can win cool prizes.
We started out with at California Pizza Kitchen where the kids got to try out some cool games on a 3DS system.  The kids are very comfortable with the system as they have been playing on them for years.  We learned about the new 3DS XL system that has face-tracking to adjust images based on your viewing angle to provide a clearer picture.
It also has new controls.  Games leap to life with super-stable 3D.  Plus all the 3DS games can still be played and also games from previous systems like Nintendo DS and DSi.  There will be some new titles that will only be available on the new 3DS XL System.  There is also an improved camera and browsing ability.  You can also transfer photos, music and other files between a PC via a wireless network!

Mario and Luigi even stopped by!  The kids were having fun being silly.
Mario even played some games.  They also told us about the 2DS system that is only $79.99.
Mario dabbing.
We had some fun on Snapchat with the Play Nintendo filter.
We then headed over to a fun play area that is setup in the South Shore Plaza in Braintree.  It is there until Sunday.  There were different stations set up where kids would play different games including Donkey Kong Country, Pokemon, Kirby, Mario Kart, Super Mario Brothers 2, Yoshi's Island, and Yoki Watch.
There were some fun picture opportunities.  Here are the kids in a Mario Kart.
Mario actually driving Mario Kart and Mario jumping to his flag.
The kids had so much fun playing all of these games.
After kids played all the games in the stations they got to go to a claw game and try and win a prize.  There were also competitions of game play.
The kids playing Donkey Kong Country.
Lots of areas with all of your favorite characters.
The ever popular Pokemon!
What a fun time!  Nintendo continues to have cool new games and a great gaming system.
Check out all their cool games and the new 3DS XL gaming system!
Disclosure:  I was provided with dinner and a VIP Event with Nintendo including a gift bag for promotional purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.