Saturday, September 19, 2009

9/19/09: Go Green Goblins!

Today was a perfect day for the 1st day of soccer (cancellation last week due to rain). What an exciting game between the Green Goblins and Bumblebees. All the fans were screaming and clapping in the excitement of it all. The kids had such a good time. Evan even has a little girl from school on his team who apparently has a crush on him (she is actually next to him in this picture with the purple sleeves). Don't tell his other girlfriends. I already felt like he was in HS when I met the little girl's father and he said "so this is the Evan I hear about every night at dinner". At least he wasn't cleaning a gun at the time. :-)
The exciting match up. Go Evan! It was so great to see all of our team members getting in there and going after the ball. Much different than last year.

Coach Daddy telling them all to go that way. They always practice shooting on their net so it is hard at game time to get them to go the right way.

Evan posing.

Evan and Coach daddy after the game.

Lauren in there too.

A future Green Goblin? Maybe?

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