Sunday, April 18, 2010

4/18/10: What Will You Celebrate?

If you know me you know I am a Walt Disney World Fanatic so when a Disney Mom's panel was started I applied. I was not selected, however I was able to become part of the Disney Mom's Club. As part of this Mom's Club I was chosen to host a "What Will You Celebrate?" In-Home Celebration. What this means is I received a box full of crafts, games and favors to host a party for Disney. I just received my big red box recently. With our Disney vacation coming up soon, what a great event to get us all in the Disney mood.
Another Disney theme going on right now is "Give a day, get a day" where basically if you volunteer in your community you are given a free day pass to Disney Parks. Disney has asked that helping others in your community be part of the theme for the party.
Well what a good time for this as it relates to my life. A week ago my daycare provider's house had a major fire. My theme is for people to bring kids toys, blankets, and essentials to help rebuild their lives and her daycare.
Here is a picture of what Disney included.
I have had a great response to my party invitation and look forward to hosting this event. I also promote Disney on Ice, another great Disney family event.

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