Sunday, August 22, 2010

8/22/10: A Little Rain Never Hurt Anyone, Now Play Ball!

Being the planner I am I bough Lowell Spinners tickets way back when they first went on sale. Unfortunately the first game I bought tickets to was during our vacation to Sunset Beach so I had to sell those tickets. When I found out those tickets were during vacation I bought another set of tickets for today's game. Of course about a month later found out this was also my husband's sister's kids birthday. Anyways, to make a long story short we made an effort despite the rain drops to attend this game. There were two rain delays before they started playing, but they finally could play. For being good sports they gave us tickets to another game the first week of September so that was cool.
Here are the kids outside with the cool Mystery Machine (a throwback to Scooby Doo).
And with Herbie with the Spinners logo.
Lauren looking cute in front of the field with the tarp on.
Evan happy in his Red Sox shirt. There was a lot of funny cartoons that popped up on the big screen and fun times to make noise. It is a fun place to take young kids with Fenway Park being so pricey it is a great alternative.
Lauren when we finally got to see the game start (and had a break in the rain).
And Evan.

We are not sure if they won. They were leading when we left but we had to leave to go to the birthday party.

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