Sunday, August 22, 2010

8/22/10: Rest in Peace Powder Blue Oakley Sunglasses

I was never one to buy expensive sunglasses being too worried that I would lose them/break them/ drop them, etc, however John convinced me when we got married that I should get a good pair of sunglasses finally and that they truly made a difference. So he bought me my first pair of Oakleys. I had them for believe it or not 9 years! I believed now I could truly be trusted with such an investment. So last year's birthday he bought me a new pair. A pair of Powder Blue Oakleys with Blue Iridium lenses. He invested a lot of work in these sunglasses as the first pair came with a different pair of lenses that were actually not that great in bright sun so he bought the Iridium lenses. Unfortunately when they arrived the first pair of lenses were scratched and the Ebay seller would not take a return on them so he then had to buy another pair of lenses. These glasses were quite a lot of work.
I mentioned in an earlier post we went to York's Wild Kingdom. What I didn't bring up is what happened after that beautiful picture of the beach. Just to back track, when we arrived there it was very busy and we had to park at the first parking lot near the sign which was about a 1/2 mile from the park itself. This didn't seem too bad and was a nice walk getting there, however at 9 pm after dinner walking back it was not as pleasant. There was not a light on the street making it a bit of a scary walk back to the car. When we went out to dinner I put the sunglasses in a bag in the stroller. By the time we got to the car I made sure my Flip and Phone were in the bag but forgot to check if my sunglasses were there. By then we were all tired and the kids were a bit freaked about the walk that we just couldn't wait to hit the road. The next day I went to look for my sunglasses and found they were not in the stroller, not in the bag and not in my purse. A sinking feeling came over me and realized either they fell out on our dark walk back to the car or someone took them while we were eating. So sad, I had done such a good job with my last pair, it was sad to say goodbye to this pair so soon before it's time. In fact I have gone back to my old pair now despite a few scratches and an almost worn off Oakley name.
So here is my tribute to my sunglasses. I will miss you very much and so will my eyes. You were such a pretty blue and I tried to take care of you the best I could I just hope someone found you and have taken care of you and you didn't get crunched by a car.

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