Sunday, September 9, 2012

9/9/12: Flower Power Orbeez and Color Splasherz Purse Set

Lauren got to test out two really cool products from the Maya Group that I think will be very popular this holiday season.  The first one is the Flower Power Orbeez Light Show.  We have many Orbeez products in our house so I knew it would be a real hit.
The petals come separate but are easily snapped in to place.
 Then it was in time for preparation of the Orbeez.  You must have a patient child as it takes 2-3 hours for the Orbeez to form.  Basically you put a bowl with 4 cups of filtered water and a pinch of salt.  The salt helps the Orbeez stay longer.
 This is what they look like before they grow.
 Now they have grown and they do feel really cool to play with.  Evan and Lauren love putting there hands in and playing around with them.
 In this kit they give you way more Orbeez than you need for the toy.  In fact there are 1500 in 10 different colors!  It also comes with an activity book on other ways of playing with your Orbeez.  Once they are made you load some of them in to the globe and then add some water.
 Now you are ready to go!
 It is hard to capture with a picture but it does look really cool on the ceiling.  Both Lauren and I enjoyed looking up at the beautiful light show it projected.  
 Here is some video to see it better.
And this is how it looks as packaged.
The other product Lauren got to try out was the Color Splasherz Purse Kit.  Anything that involves jewelry is a big hit in our house.
 You put warm water on one side and cold water on the other.  As a tip I put some ice in the col water to keep it cold.
 Then once you drop the beads in to the tray you can change their colors by dipping them in the cold or hot water.  As you can see here you can have a two tone bead.
 Here is Lauren checking out her creations.
 And now stringing her necklace.  There is also a string to make a bracelet too.
 Lauren's finished necklace.  She loves Dolphins so this was a really cool necklace for her.  She loved it!
Here it is as packaged.  The one thing I liked is that it comes with a little pink plastic case to put all the beads in and then you can put them back in this purse making it easy for clean up!
This Holiday season both of these products will be sold in Target, Walmart, Toys, R Us, Amazon, Kmart, Justice and most other major retailers.
Disclosure:  I received both of these products for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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