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4/21/13: LEGOLAND California Family Theme Park

Next up in my series from attractions in California is LEGOLAND in Carlsband.  We love LEGOs and I knew this would be a big hit with the kids, little did I know how much my husband and I would enjoy the park.  This is a "must visit" in my opinion.
I am going to hit on some of the highlights and some of our favorite things at LEGOLAND. 
Don't forget your camera as there is lots to take pictures of.  Look at the information you get at the gate and you can see when some of the characters are making appearances.  We got to see a few.  One of our favorites was Lego Darth Vader.
 Evan was excited to see a police officer as that is what he wants to be when he grows up.
This guy was pretty cool. 
Love this construction Lego guy. 
The rides are great and definitely geared towards the little ones which is great.  We first went on Sky Cruiser as it took us around a lot of the park and we could see where to head to next. Use your pedal power on this one.  Here is the list of all attractions with height requirements.
 A view from above.
   Would you believe that there are more than 22,000 LEGO models in the Park created from more than 57 million LEGO bricks?  That is awesome!  Another huge bonus, not only can you see Lego creations, you can make your own!  I love how they have a building area in the middle of the line for rides so that you can create while waiting and then go through the gate to the line when Mom or Dad gets to the front. 
 No more bored complaining kids in line!!!  LOVE IT!
Here is another cool ride where kids get to drive around and not be restrained by a track. They can follow the rules of the road and drive around with other cars.  My kids loved this!
Plus where else will you see a whole car made of Legos!  They said it took 2 1/2 months to build! 
 Evan posing with some Lego people.
There was also a fairy tale boat ride we took.
There is even a Lego factory area to show you how they are made and packaged.
I don't usually comment on food at parks but I need to comment on the food at LEGOLAND.  This is not your typical amusement park food.  It was amazing.  Look at this.  I had the chicken stir fry which was awesome and John had a Steak and Cheese.  They were all made to order and awesome.  Kids food was great too as my kids ate all their chicken.  They loved it!
My kids love these bouncy rides.
 How fun do these horses look?
One of the highlights for us was Miniland with a newly added Star Wars area that was awesome!
It truly was amazing to look at. 
 Can you imagine building all these models?
 Love it!
Plus there are several scenes of different states that are awesome.  Here are the kids with the LEGOWOOD  sign.
 I told you it is amazing!
 So cool!
Vegas - The Venetian! 
 Love this, they are cleaning out his ear.  All LEGOS!
 But there's more! (I feel like an infomercial).  The Sea Life Aquarium was awesome too and is attached to the park.
They had a Claws exhibit that was awesome.  Look at this guy! 
 The kids checking out the tank with Sharks and fish swimming all around.
Yes Lego guys in there too. 
 Touch tank.
So cool.
 Even Sponge Bob made of Legos.
But there is more!  There is a water park which we couldn't visit as it was too cold.
They also just opened the LEGOLAND Hotel on April 5th, 2013. From the moment you arrive at the spectacular dragon-guarded entrance you’ll be delighted by interactive LEGO features, themed play areas, family entertainment and more! Select your room from one of three popular LEGO lines – Pirate, Kingdom or Adventure.  The hotel has approximately 3,422 LEGO models created out of more than 3 million LEGO bricks!
For information on LEGOLAND California Resort and to make reservations for the LEGOLAND Hotel, visit
or call 877-LEGOLAND (534-6526)
Find them online here:
Facebook at
Follow them on Twitter: @legoland_ca
Disclosure:  I received 4 tickets to visit LEGOLAND with my family for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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