Saturday, September 21, 2013

9/21/13: Cirque Musica New Show

I am always on the lookout for cool and different shows for the kids to experience.  Yesterday we went to CIRQUE MUSICA at the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell and we all loved it.  This show just launched in June of this year.  The kids even got to meet some of the performers on the way in to the show.
 On the way in kids could try out some instruments.  Evan tried out the trumpet.
Here are the kids with the winners of my giveaway at the Instrument area.
   What I particularly enjoyed is that it exposed the kids to an orchestra and classical music.  It would be difficult to take them to a show that was only an orchestra, but this show with the combination of acts made it exciting for them.  It really is a unique show experience.
 It always amazes me the balance it takes to stay up there.
 Amazing performers.
 I thought these two performers were amazing.  The lady at the top is the other ladies mother.
 Personally one of my favorites is the motorcycles in the cage.  It seemed even more exciting with classical music to go along with it.
The orchestra was really good.
 There were also some songs written by Debbie Gibson for the show that were sung during some of the acts.
 This performer was pretty awesome too.
 She balanced on her head on the trapeze.
 Even the lady playing violin went flying.  It was amazing to see her be able to play while flying around in the air.
 It is always fun watching people perform on this circle contraption as it spins around.
 Lauren enjoyed the hula hoops as she is an avid Hula Hooper herself.
 The guy spinning this cube was pretty cool too.
 Here are all of the performers.  If Cirque Musica comes to your town I would highly suggest going to see it.  The full schedule is here on their website.   
You can also follow them on Twitter:  @CirqueMusica
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Disclosure:  I was provided 4 tickets to attend this show for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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LainyT~MTS said...

We were so excited to win these tickets! We had such a great time at the show last night. The performers were amazing and we really enjoyed listening to the orchestra. It was an excellent combination of acrobatics, circus and music! Such a fun night out! We really enjoying reading your blog and finding out about some great local happenings. Thank you!