Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2/5/14: Duracell Powermat Stay Powered

Everyone has smartphones today and one of the biggest issues is making sure they stay powered up.  Previously I reviewed the Duracell Powermat with my iPhone 4, now that I have upgraded to the 5s there is a new design that I wanted to share with you.  Plus it would be a great Valentine's gift.  
I received the PowerSet 2 which comes an AccessCase shown next to my iPhone, a Snap Battery, and the PowerMat.  I absolutely loved the Duracell PowerMat for my previous iPhone and knew I would love the new one.  I love that you never need to worry about finding a place to plug in as you will always be powered up with this system.

Here is my phone pictured with both the AccessCase and SnapBattery.  The AccessCase is very easy to put on.  The bottom part snaps off and you just slide your iPhone in and snap on the bottom.  The SnapBattery is also just slid on to the AccessCase.
Here is a side profile of how it looks.  The SnapBattery allows a full charge and charges quickly at double the speed of a traditional USB battery.  It is easily turned on by pressing on a button on the back.
 Here is the front.
 You can charge the whole system together on the PowerMat.  When you place the components you hear a little noise to know that it is charging.  They just lay on top of the PowerMat.  Here I have the SnapBattery charging separately but it can be charged all together.  In fact you can charge just the AccessCase even without the iPhone in it.  With the iPhone in it you will be charging both devices.  This PowerMat allows for charging of two devices at the same time and comes in Black or White.
 I also received the Compact Universal Portable Battery.  This is the GoPower Overnighter.  It provides 2 extra charges for your smartphone and enough power to charge a tablet.  It can be charged on the PowerMat or via USB connection.
 They have a wide array of Back up Batteries here.  They have a GoPower DayTrip that can be used for SmartPhones with any USB connector you have.  It works with Micro USB based smartphones including Android, Windows Phones, Blackberry and more.  I received the GoPower Overnighter which works with USB devices including Tablets.  Here it is with my iPhone.
 Notice with this device you can keep your own cover on.
 Here it is charging our iPad.
Here is a video to see how they work.  The PowerMats are also in some common locations such as Starbucks.  Imagine just being able to lay your phone on the PowerMat when you are out and have it charge.  Totally cool!
Here they are as packaged.  The PowerSet 2 retails for $129.99 and the GoPower Overnighter retails for $79.99
It supports not only the iPhone but also an array of other smartphones. For more information go to:
Follow them on Twitter: @NeverPowerless #TakeCharge
 Disclosure:  I received these products for review purposes.  No other compensation has been received and all opinions are my own.

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Heather Lopez said...

Sounds like a cool product. I have a this Zag portable charger and I love being able to go to conferences and charge my phone.