Tuesday, June 24, 2014

6/24/14: Crudite Creations Artistry With Food

At work today I received a fabulous delivery!  No not flowers (I personally don't like flowers), but when I was bringing it in everyone thought it was flowers.  No, it was a Crudite Creation artfully created by Lauren and David Brooks of Crudite Creations!  I sent out an email to everyone in my department and let them have at it.
I was so impressed when I saw how beautiful it was and could tell immediately a lot of work went in to making this beautiful arrangement.
I sent out an email to my co-workers and even before I reached the kitchen there were people that wanted to check it out.
It was hysterical to watch at first, no one wanted to take the first bite as they thought it looked so amazing.  They couldn't believe it, and I heard many oohs and aahs as people entered the kitchen.
I assured them to start eating and enjoy it.  We all wondered at the beautiful designs and that even the flowers at the top are made of Fennel and Baby Corn.  As you know with kids it is all about presentation and imagine how they would jump at eating their vegetables if they looked like this!  It is true artistry!
Everyone that entered the kitchen loved it and started saying how they would love to have one at their next gathering.  How perfect would this be at a cookout, family party, bridal shower, birthday party, or other event?
I also received two dips.  This is White Bean and Onion.  Everyone loved them, but the crowd favorite was the Onion.  It is a caramelized onion flavor and so yummy!  Dips come in a variety of sizes: 8 oz. ($4), 16 oz. ($6) and 32 oz. ($10). 
Everyone started digging right in!
It really did not take long for it to look like this.  Everyone loved it!

Crudite Creations was founded in 2013 to offer healthy options in an artful way.  Lauren Brooks (pictured below) is the founder and hand delivered my arrangement.  She is a “born entertainer” with a fashion background and a passion for artful and healthful food.  These lovely arrangements are hand delivered throughout Eastern MA.  There is a variety of sizes to choose from: small, medium, large, extra large with 4 standard designs and custom designs available.  
They were on Chronicle, you can see that here.  Lauren was also on Newton's TV Station and you can see that here (21:10 in):
The company is founded on the premise of creating artfully designed vegetable arrangements that bring together fresh vegetables, health, art and beauty.  Crudite Creations are the art of “Creating a work of art for your table”.
We enjoyed them and I know you will too!
Find them online:
Order one:  
Phone: 617-416-2609 
Email: lauren@cruditecreations.com
Disclosure:  I received this Crudite Creation and dips for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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Julie Dennehy said...

What a fun review, Gilda! Thanks for trying out Crudite Creations for the first time. Hope your colleagues enjoyed it and will give this local business a try too.