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7/4/14: Niagara Jet Adventures A Must Do

The highlight of our trip to Niagara Falls USA and next up in my series of posts is Niagara Jet Adventures in Youngstown, NY.  Their world class jet boats are top notch and we had an amazing time!  It is only minutes away from Old Fort Niagara so you may want to plan these two activities on the same day.
Here you can see our lovely vessel.  These jet boats were all made in 2014 and are 33 feet in length.  They have 3 separate power sources that when combined result in 1650 horsepower.  They are specially designed for Niagara River swirling torrents and world-class white water rapids.  They have three jet boats and have only been operating tours for 5 weeks.
It is a great trip for thrill seekers young and old.  My 7 year old and 9 year old absolutely loved it. 
Safety comes first.  Here is Evan being demonstrated on to show people how to put on their life jackets.  Life jackets are required on all riding in the boat.
Evan is ready to go.  As you can see there is bar to hold on to when the boat gets moving through the rapids.
Lauren is also excited to go!
Here we are heading out to feel the excitement of riding through the waters of the Niagara River Gorge.
It is a nice ride out as you learn more about where you are traveling through.  Plus this is a good warm up to feel the water before really feeling the water.
I love on this boat that you can either be covered and not get wet or you can be out on the wet deck in the back.
Evan was lucky and sat up in the Co-Pilot seat.
He was loving it up front for this whitewater boating experience.
The ride is 60 minutes through the spectacular Niagara River Gorge with an experienced tour guide.  He liked sitting and talking to Lauren.  He let Lauren yell in to his microphone and she was thrilled.
On the way out we could see the Power Companies.
Here we go.  At first as I said you sort of just cruise through, then speed up more and then get in to the real fun.  I can't even describe how awesome it is!  Hopefully my video gives you a bit of a feel of how much fun it really is.
Here you can see how much the boat is tipped.  In my video you can see this more.  The water comes splashing over the full window and on top of the boat.  The feel is amazing going up and down.
Here is some video:
Here you can see the rapids behind us.  We are in the comfort of the boat to stay dry.
They did stop so that we could get out on the back deck and take some beautiful pictures.
Absolutely lovely!
It is so breathtaking and hearing the roar of the water is amazing!
Just gorgeous!
I could have stood out there for a while just looking at the beauty.
Now it was time to head back.
Here is a photo from Niagara Jet Adventures from the outside.
The kids assumed their spots again.
Lauren got brave and decided to ride in the Co-Pilot seat too.
You have to check them out!  It is an amazing one of a kind experience!
They run tours in the spring, summer, fall and winter (as long as there is not ice in the water).  Tickets range from $61-$71 for adults and $51 to $61 for children.
Go for a ride through the spectacular Niagara River Gorge!
Find them online:
Purchase Tickets here:
Twitter:  @Niagara_Jet
Disclosure:  I received a ride on Niagara Jet Adventures with my family for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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