Thursday, August 7, 2014

8/7/14: Mystic Aquarium and Penguin Encounter

If you have not been to the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT you need to visit!  There is so much to see there including a Rio 4-D Movie, Titanic Exhibit, Birds to feed, Ray Feeding tank, Beluga Whales and of course fish.  This time we were able to experience the Penguin Encounter which was an awesome and educational experience.

First I will start off with the Penguin Encounter.  You can find more information about all Encounter Programs on the Website.
The Penguin Encounter is a one hour experience with an African Penguin.  You meet at the Information Booth and are taken to the Penguin Discovery Zone.  It is a small group of only 8 people.  You need to book your tickets well in advance as it is in high demand.
We met Blue Black who is a girl.  You can tell she is a girl by the first bead on her being pink and her name is Blue Black because those are the remaining beads on her bracelet.
She walked around the circle so we could pet her.
Before entering to meet her we needed to wipe our feet on a soapy mat and use anti-bacterial soap on our hands.  Taking all precautions to make sure she doesn't get sick.
Here Lauren and Blue Black are checking each other out.
Evan petting her.
The session was very educational as pictures were shown on a TV about the African Penguin.  The trainer teaches you about the African Penguin and how they live.  Here she is eating a fish.
She is so cute.
Love as she wandered around.
She really liked sitting on her rock.
Lauren giving me a smile.
Then each of us got to interact with her by petting her and putting a stethoscope on and listening to her heart beat.
Lauren's turn.
Evan's turn at petting her.
Now examining her.
One last pet before we left.  What a great experience.  The kids really enjoyed it and had a greater appreciation for this endangered species.
Now on to some more fun at the Aquarium.
New this time was the Birds of the Outback interactive exhibit.  This was one of my favorite things to do.
We got to feed the birds.  It is $3 to enter and they give you a stick with food for the birds.  Or if you buy the value ticket it includes this and the 4D theater.  Read more here.
There are tons of birds in here to feed.  They fly right up on to the stick or your hand.
These are some of the birds we got to see.
Evan with two birds.
The birds really liked my purse and kept going on to it.  Apparently they were trying to nest in it.
Then we headed inside and got to see the Sea Lions.
Plus the turtles.
We especially liked the sting rays.
Some were extremely big.
Plus there is a Titanic Exhibit in the Ocean Exploration Center.  This is also where the 4D Rio movie is.  The movie is about 8 minutes and involves a 3D movie, scents, mists and more.  It was really cute and this movie changes.
The Titanic Exhibit is interactive and great to see a little piece of history.
Evan loves the Titanic so he loves this area.
The Beluga Whales are awesome and really interactive.
Here are the kids checking them out.
 Lauren loves them.
Love this Beluga Whale!
Here are some of the trainers with the Beluga Whale.
A view from a different area.
There is so much to see!
Then we headed to the Penguin area to see our friend Blue Black with her friends.
All the trainers working with the Penguins.
Down below you can see them under water.
Lauren pointing out Blue Black.
There are also Jelly Fish.
A big aquarium tank and so much more!
Plus don't miss the Sea Lion show.  It is a comical show featuring the Sea Lions and their tricks.
What a jump!
It really is a fantastic Aquarium and should be added on your list of places to go.
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Disclosure:  I was provided tickets for my family and I to go to Mystic Aquarium, Penguin Encounter, Birds of the Outback admission, and tickets for the 4-D Experience.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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