Friday, July 10, 2015

7/10/15: Santa's Village Fun in July!

Next up in our family fun tour of New Hampshire is Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH.  We have been going here for years and absolutely love it there.  There are rides, shows, Santa and my favorite is feeding the reindeer.
 What better way to get your list in early with the big man!
Outside the park has a cute sleigh to take a picture in.  This is one of our annual pictures.
 As soon as you arrive you will notice some renovations to the outside of the park.  They built a beautiful ticket booth area that is all new.
This is in the area that used to have the nutcracker slide.  That has just been moved over. 
The friendly Rudolph is still there to great you and chat with you.
The kids are ready to go.
We actually got a picture of the whole family with Mayor Penguin!
When you enter there is Elf University.  There you get a card to play the Elfabet game.  There are Elves that have letters that you punch your card with.  When you finish you get a little prize and certificate.
We started out with the sleigh ride.  It is a great way to get an overview of the park.  You can see all the rides here.
One of my personal favorite parts of Santa's Village is going to visit the reindeer and feed them.
Lauren feeding some carrots. 
Evan feeding the reindeer.  Treats only cost $1.
They are so adorable! 
 There is a new ride called You Tubing that the kids tried out.  This is right next to the Ferris Wheel and Reindeer Rendezvous.
 It is not a water ride, it is a slide.  You get a tube and get to stand on a moving platform up to the top of the slide.
Evan coming down. 
We love all of the rides.  They are so much fun.  Both kids love to drive the antique cars.
 Who doesn't love a reindeer carousel?
The roller coaster which is tons of fun. 
 Fun on the swings.
Fun on the Red Hot Racers.
The Yule Log ride is a fun flume ride.
 There is also a really cool water park called Ho Ho H2O.
 Fun water slides.
 Santa's House has some story telling going on outside periodically during the day.
 The kids giggling talking to Santa.
Another fun spot to pose, not sure why there is a big rabbit there.
You have to make a gingerbread man or woman when you are there.
 Lauren that one is too big for you to eat!
 Then pose as a gingerbread family.
There are also a bunch of shows.  You can see them all here.
 What an awesome day!  At $30 for adults and kids 4 and over it is a bargain!  If you enter within 3 hours of closing you can come back any other day also!
Disclosure:  I received 4 tickets to visit Santa's Village.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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