Thursday, November 19, 2015

11/19/15: Lightsaber Crystal Growing Lab Review

Next up in my Holiday Gift Guide is a cool product from Uncle Milton that combines science and Star Wars.  Evan loves both so he was very excited to have fun with this Lightsaber Crystal Growing Lab.  What a cool toy for kids.
There are easy to follow directions to get your crystals started.  You start with boiling water in a measuring cup and add the packet to make a solution that will turn in to crystals.
Evan working on the solution.
Lauren getting a turn.
After the solution is fully mixed you pour it in to the Star Wars display case.
Here is the solution to start.  There is another packet that gets added to this.
This was two days later.
This is after 7 days.  The crystals at the top get removed.  You are supposed to remove them as they grow and not disturb the water.  I just let them stay until the crystals were ready and took them off.  You then pour the water out.
Here is the crystals taken off the top and the crystals inside rinsed off.
Here you can see a view from the top.  You can chose blue for the Jedi.
Or red for the dark side!
What a cool toy.  Here it is as packaged.  The manufacturer's retail price is $19.99.
Disclosure:  I received this Star Wars Science Set for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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