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12/18/15: Orbeez Crush Sets Review

Lauren has been playing with Orbeez products for a while and has always had fun with them.  She was very excited when Orbeez Crush Sets showed up to try out.  We received 4 sets including Crushkins Pets, Crushkins Safari, Crush N' Design Hearts and Happiness, and Crush N' Design Butterfly and Fairy.  She decided the first set she wanted to try out was the Crush N' Design Hearts and Happiness as she liked the I Love U design.
Creating these masterpieces is quite easy.  First you need to create your Orbeez.  Remember that it takes about 4 hours for Orbeez to grow so you may want to do this in advance of your child getting all excited to make the kit.  We got four bowls and put the four colors in which included pink, purple, blue and yellow.  We added water and a dash of salt and let them grow.  Four hours later and straining them out of the water this is what we have to start with.
As you can see the colors are really vibrant.  Lauren especially liked the pink and purple.  Now we were able to get to work with our Crush N' Design Hearts and Happiness Kit.  This set comes with two designs and 300 Orbeez (75 of each color).  She decided to start with pink.  It is very easy to crush.  You put about 30 Orbeez in to the Crushing Tube and then take the end of the injector and press it down to crush the Orbeez.  This fills up the tube.
 Here you can see Lauren's amazement as she started crushing the pink Orbeez.
Now you screw the cap back on to the injector and put the plunger in (pink piece shown above) and get your design.  She chose the heart first.  There is a small hole in each of the areas that you fill.  You just insert the tip of the injector in to that hole and push down until the section is filled.  It easily filled each section.  Sometimes we had some spill over out of the sides so I recommend putting down a paper towel or something underneath so you don't make a mess.
 Here you can see the pink close up being filled.
Next she chose the blue.  There are two injectors so you can do two colors at a time.  Once you move on to the other two colors however you will need to wash out the injector.  The crushing tube needs to be washed in between each color as only one is included.
Here you can see the blue after it was crushed in the injector tube.
Here you can see it is really coming together.
These are her creations.  If you want you can put a picture in the LOL one but she chose not to.  She liked it the way it was.
They come with suction cups so you can put them up
Here you can see some of the crushed up Orbeez around the finished product as sometimes they would flow back out of the holes.  This is why I suggest the paper towel.  With it we had no issues cleaning up.  They are also reusable as you can un-clip them and open them and clean them out.  You can then fill them again with a different color combination.  You can even buy pre-made Orbeez.  I recently saw them at the store.
Here are the four sets as packaged.  Each works in the same way.  These would be a great gift for any child on your list.  Find them online:
Disclosure:  I was provided with these four sets for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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