Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10/22/08: The Love of Siblings

Last night again I was amazed and happy to see the joys of having more than one child. The cute way that Evan and Lauren played together at PJ Music Time at the Melrose library was so heart warming. The fact that Lauren would hold on to Evan as he walked around and she would giggle away. Lauren just adores her brother. Right now it is Monkey See, Monkey Do, whatever Evan does Lauren does.
Here they are again.
Growing up I was an only child. I always wanted an older brother. I thought he would protect me. It was just not in the cards for me to have a sibling. My Mom had me later in life (back then at least, these days 38 is not that late in life to have children). I always had this idealistic view of siblings and thought people that had them were so lucky. Yet all the people with siblings always thought I was lucky being an only child. The grass is always greener right?
Evan has really cared for his sister since day 1. As I watch him right this moment he has Lauren on a little car and is pushing her around in it and she is giggling away.
He always has his arms around her. Here at Canobie Lake Park.
So cute! Here after having their picture taken with the Easter Bunny.
Valentine's Day picture.
Just hanging on the couch and again the arm around her. I came into the room and they were like this.
Again the arm around for our joint b-day party with playgroup.
And here he is helping her as she was just learning how to use a sippy cup.
I know you are all thinking, just wait. Your kids will be fighting like crazy. And yes, it is not always peachy, they do pull toys from each other and get upset and not get along. I am just hoping there will be more moments like the ones above then the arguing. At least these are the ones I will try to remember the most. I have said it before in a post, but I will say it again...ok Gilda, shed the tear and move on. Luckily all my tears are of joy!

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