Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8/20/08: A day at the parks and Gilda rambles

Since summer is nearing it's end we figured we should go out and enjoy the beautiful weather. With Lauren's new found mobility she had a lot of fun at the park. She enjoyed getting around on her own despite the rough terrain.

She loved going up the stairs and sliding down the slide on her own.
Evan always has a great time. Right before we took him to get his hair cut in preparation for the first day of school, which brings me to my next point. I was just reading on my friend Mommy Niri's blog about her emotions on the start of school. I have to agree. Even seeing all the backbacks out at the stores makes me have that ping of nervousness that you get in your stomach on the first day of school. I thought being done with school myself that I would not feel this way, but now I guess I will feel it for my children. I am excited for him but am amazed every day what a big boy he is getting to be. Last night I took him to GymStreet USA in Wilmington for a trial Gymnastics class and he went in to class by himself! Not with me any more. He did great and followed the teachers with no problem going across the beam and doing tumbles and jumping on the trampoline. He really enjoyed it...again making me happy and sad. My little boy is growing up...and my other baby Law Bear (as I now call her sometimes) is getting to be a little girl too. Where are my babies??? Ok, wipe the tear and move on.
Evan is still majorly into Mickey Mouse (an no I don't push it), so this is his backpack from Nana and Papa with the matching lunch box. Ok, and now back to the park and Lauren being silly on the ducky. And her favorite spot...the stairs Our night time festivity was at Ipswich River Park in North Reading for the concert, BBQ, and festivities. Here is Evan and his buddy Jack running around.

They had a clown perform which the kids enjoyed.

And Lauren is here making some music while the Glamour Girls are on stage. She enjoyed dancing a bit too...the boys just wanted to run. After the concert we went over to the park and had fun there. What a full day! The kids should sleep well tonight.

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