Thursday, June 25, 2009

6/25/09: 1st day of Gymnastics and fun at the Zoo

Today was our first Gymnastics class. We had a great time. Both kids took class and we got to meet up with Mommy's friend's daughter too. We learned a lot today and had lots of fun.
Here is Lauren swinging like a Monkey (ironically you will see later in this post we later went to see Monkeys).
And Evan walking on the beam.
And Lauren doing a front roll and loving it.
Now off to the Zoo to celebrate Sydney starting school soon and not going to daycare with the kids. We will miss her dearly. Here we are waiting for the bird show, unfortunately at the beginning the bird who was the star of the show flew away and they had to cancel the show (yes I am serious).
All the kids checking out the Monkey (told you there would be a Monkey later in the post).
And the Jaguar.
And the Black Bears.

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