Wednesday, June 3, 2009

6/3/09: Juice from my muscles

Because I was so amused by something Evan said today I thought I would do a post about cute/funny things the kids say. Here goes...I will add on as time goes by as my memory is horrible.

We were on our way to Evan's doctor appointement today and he said to me "Mommy I don't want them to take juice from my muscles" (he saw them take blood from Lauren the last time. He did great by the way - 38.6 lbs and 41.25 inches tall (75th percentile for both) and had 4 shots and was a trooper for them.

Every ride Lauren would get off at Disney she would either say "That fun" or "That scary", even after the Haunted Mansion she just said "That scary" and went on her merry way.

When Lauren saw Minnie she said "Minnie cute, I like her", same applied to Tinkerbell and she said that the Princesses were beautiful - especially Rella (Cinderella).

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