Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11/9/2009: Little Miss Independent

Where has my baby gone?

It is almost the end of Parent and Me classes for me. Lauren is growing up. She will be 3 in April which is typically the age they do classes by themselves however she has already started. It started with Dance where they go in by themselves. Even in swim she won't let me touch her in the pool and wants to do it all by herself. And last night it was Gymnastics. The Parent and Me class we had been taking was cancelled but her teacher approved her to move up with the 3 year olds. I was worried she would want me with her but instead she ran off to class without a look back.

I know, I know, I should be happy. And I am, but with this one being my last it is just another stage that I will never go through again. I had tears in my eyes last night as I watched her in Gymnastics (as I hid behind a pole being worried she might run to me if she saw me) doing so well. Her old teacher and the owner came by to pat me on the back and tell me she is doing great and what will I do with the hour now. All I have left now is swim because they require she be three to do that by herself. Guess I will try and enjoy it while I can.

Other Moms tell me you have gone through this and that it is going to be ok.


Anonymous said...


You'll be fine as will Lauren... It is hard and I do the same thing every time Brooke does something "for the last time." Them growing up is hard for us moms, especially when we know it's our 'last time' experiencing it. Imaging how your parents felt, only doing everything once... : )
Brooke is in ballet and today was "peek day" so I actually got to watch the class and I enjoyed every minute of it, but I do miss her when she's in there for the 45 minutes... It's amazing for the kids, but sad for us. Hope this helps... a little bit... : )

Colleen Goulet said...

that was my comment... sorry it clicked too quickly...