Saturday, May 19, 2012

5/19/12: Office Suplies Review

If your house is like ours pens and office supplies are constantly disappearing.  Every time I go to look for a pen there is never any to be found.  I was lucky enough recently to receive some cool pens and highlighters from for review that I wanted to share with you.
I received two products made by Sharpie.  I personally love the Sharpie brand as we use it a lot around house labeling things.  I did not even know that Sharpie made anything but markers so this was a cool surprise.  The Sharpie Premium Pen is a wonderful pen that is also permanent and easy to write with.  You can check out other permanent markers here.
 It wrote similarly to a black felt tip marker and I really liked the weight it had.  I was impressed at how durable it looked and quite classy.  This pen will definitely be staying next to our checkbook on our desk to have at all times.
Another item from Sharpie is their Gel Highlighters.  These may look like normal highlighters from the outside, but just wait.  These are really unlike anything you would ever expect.  There are other highlighters here.
Some information about them: 
- Features gel stick technology which provides the strongest smear protection across pen and marker inks and ink jet printouts Won't dry out if left uncapped or bleed through paper.
- Works great on all paper surfaces, including glossy or thin papers.
- Conforms to your handwriting style and writes as long as a traditional pen-style highlighter.
Look at the cool gel tips.  I really liked the way they highlighted and love that they don't dry out if left uncapped.  With kids around so many of our markers dry out due to being left open so this is perfect in our house.  I also think it is really cool that they can be used on glossy paper.  I scrapbook a lot and this will come in handy there.
The last product I received was the Paper Mate InkJoy 700 RT Ballpoint Pen.  These really did write well and had great weight to them.  They also have lots of cool Ballpoint Pens on their website.
More about them:
- InkJoy writing system gives you the best in effortless writing starts quickly without dragging, requires minimal pressure from the hand and delivers crisp, clean lines every time.
- Combines an hourglass shape with rubberized grip to provide comfort and control.
- Solid metal accents for long-lasting durability.
 I thought the coolest feature was this little plastic piece over the tip.  I am guessing this is to protect it from leaking in shipment.  I thought this was great.
What wonderful Office Supplies from  I look forward to shopping there more for office supplies.
Disclosure:  I received these products in exchange for this review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


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