Saturday, November 3, 2012

11/3/12: VTech Switch and Go Dinos

My son loves vehicles and loves dinosaurs.  I wanted to let you know about an innovative set of toys that VTech has come out with which combines both.  The VTech Switch and Go Dinos are so much for to play with.  VTech always has had such fun toys to play with and these are awesome!  My video in this post will also show how easy they are to transform.
We received three different Switch and Go Dinos to try out.  I will start with Evan's favorite which is Attila the Ankylosaurus.  He can transform from a hefty construction vehicle to an Ankylosaurus and back again.  As you will see in my videos Evan quickly figured out how to do this.  
 He has a LCD screen that shows different drivers and dinosaur eye animation.  Plus he has a dump trailer and can hook on to other Switch and Go Dinos.
Plus it has a wrecking ball that Evan was having fun playing with.
 Here he is in Dino mode.
Here is some video of him in action:
  The next one is the T-Don the Pteranodon.  This guy is Red and also has a cool LCD screen and sounds.
He is a flying Dino and transforms easily in to a cool car.
Last but not least is Tonn the Stegosaurus.  He is pretty cool.  It has 50 sound effects and phrases.
 Here he is as a vehicle.
 Evan had a great time playing with all of them and as he said in the video gives them a thumbs up.
Here is more video of all three where you see a demo of how easily Evan changes it from Dino to vehicle:
All three as packaged.
Check out VTech Toys:
Twitter: @vtechtoys
Disclosure:  I received these toys for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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These are on our Christmas list this year. My son looks at them every time we go in the store almost. Thanks for the review.