Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12/19/12: Kindergarten Holiday Concert

Today was Lauren's Kindergarten Holiday Concert.  I have been hearing about this concert for quite a while from Lauren as she loves to sing.  Plus she also told us she would get to say something and her teacher told her to use her recess voice as she had to be really loud.
 Here she is with her fellow reindeers singing.
 They all did so good singing!
 There were a lot of songs for them to learn.  I was amazed at how well they did.
 Lauren is having a lot of fun.
 The kids especially liked singing the Reindeer Pokey song.  Just like the Hokey Pokey but with reindeers.
Here is some video of the Reindeer Pokey.
So adorable!
Here is Lauren with her big line to tell the families to come back to the classrooms for juice and cookies.  She was extremely excited that she had a line of her own and couldn't wait to show us in the show.  It was a surprise so I didn't know what she had to say.
Here is some video of her saying her line.

Here is Lauren with some of her friends.
Here is some video of one last song that I thought was cute.  Happy Time of Year!  Some time we get so caught up in the holiday rush, I thought this was a nice reminder to have fun and enjoy the holidays.

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