Monday, January 7, 2013

1/7/14: Four Freshmen Show at the Stoneham Theatre

My cousin is in The Four Freshmen Jazz group which is a vocal harmony group.  He has been all over the world in his 20 years with the group.  Luckily for us he comes to MA sometimes so we get to see him as he grew up in Bothell, WA and now lives in Las Vegas.  This past weekend they came to the Stoneham Theatre in Stoneham, MA.  Even better he finally got to see my two kids for a second time.
Bob sings (and has a wonderful voice) and plays the drums.  You can check out their tour dates here.  Here is a sampling of the songs they sing.  The Four Freshmen began in 1948 and have kept going all these years.  Now Brian Eichenberger does a lot of their arrangements.
Credit to the Four Freshmen website for the above picture, there were no pictures allowed during the performance.  It is so great to see Bob and see how talented he is as a singer and a drummer.  The kids even enjoyed the show.  As I said Bob has been with the group for a long time.  Look at how different he looked in this picture.  Photo taken from the Four Freshmen Society Web Page.
Bob the show was wonderful.  Great job to all of the guys! 
You can also Like them on Facebook here
You can follow them on twitter: @theFourFreshmen
They have their own fan club:  Four Freshmen Society 

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