Sunday, February 3, 2013

2/3/12: Kimmidoll Junior by Kids Preferred

Little girls love little dolls of any type and they love writing in their secret notebooks.  Lauren is no different and had fun playing with her new Kimmidoll Junior called Aesha from Kids Preferred.
Lauren loves purple so I knew she would love this one.  The doll also includes a friendship passport that describes her personalities and traits.  The underlying message behind the kimmidoll junior brand is to promote the importance of friendship and fun, which are both vital to the children's healthy development.  Here is Lauren writing in her little book with her Kimmidoll Aesha sitting next to her. 
Of course I am not going to lie.  It did take us a little bit to figure out how to open the pen.  You actually unscrew the top part where the little chain is to open it and the pen comes out.
Here they are as packaged.
Lauren carried her book around all day writing in it.  Being in Kindergarten she loves to practice writing.
Here are some other items that are sold in the set.  There is a journal.  This is another item that I am sure Lauren would love.
A pencil bag.
Here is one of the other Kimmidoll characters in the small notebook.
There are 6 great characters, Millie, Bonnie, Aesha, Ellie, Jemma, and Leila. Here is Millie.  This one is super cute with the ladybugs and hearts. 
Wouldn't she be perfect for a Valentine's Day gift for your little girl?

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