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2/23/13: On the Set of the So You Think You Can Dance Boston Auditions

We are a family of dancers.  I have danced since I was young and taught all the way through college.  In fact in college I started a dance club since WPI did not have one and taught jazz for gym credit.  Now I still take tap, my daughter has danced since she was 2 and now takes jazz and tap, and my son is in his second year of hip hop.  I was extremely lucky and thrilled to be able to cover the So You Think You Can Dance Call Back Auditions in Boston today.  There were dancers from many states represented there.  I have been watching the show since it's beginning and would you believe this will be Season 10!  I also have been to the Live Tour Show in 2010 and it was awesome.
I was able to interview the three judges which was such a thrill for me.  Being a dance enthusiast and being a So You Think You Can Dance fan this was a dream come true.  The auditions were amazing to watch and I did get to see several dancers receive tickets to Vegas which was really exciting!  The first judge I was able to speak with was Mary Murphy.  First off, she is stunning.  What a beautiful lady and so personable.  
I asked her about her thoughts on what styles of dance children should take as now there are so many unlike when I was a kid and we primarily took jazz, tap, and ballet.  She highly suggested ballet as it is the foundation for all styles but also talked of her story of how she didn't dance when she was young but started later and was taking modern dance when she found ballroom dancing and decided it was her true passion.  She then went on to be a US Champion Ballroom Dancer.  So you never know what area of dance might inspire you.  Who knows you may get on her Hot Tamale Train, I got to hear her put someone on today during auditions.
Next we got to speak with Nigel Lythgoe who not only is the co-creator of So You Think You Can Dance, he is also the producer and judge.  He is also the executive producer of a little show you may know - American Idol.  He also is the Co-President of the Dizzy Feet Foundation which supports and increases access to dance education.  He also promotes National Dance Day which is the last Saturday in July.  Needless to say he is a busy man.
He spoke to us about how dance was part of his curriculum in school growing up and he wishes it was in more schools now for children to experience.  I spoke to him about the influence of other dance reality shows which will remain nameless.  He explained how he loves to see dance promoted however is not a fan of young children being put in to some of these situations that are portrayed.  He is passionate about dance and making it available to all.  He liked that I take Tap as that was his style of dance.
Last but not least I was able to speak to Adam Shankman.  I love him on the show and I love some of the things he says.  He is hilarious.  I asked him about getting past the "competition/recital" facial expressions and feel while dancing.  He said that all dancers should take some sort of theater classes or something that will loosen them up.  They really need to learn to feel the music and understand the story.  He believes several dancers are told the story behind their music but don't truly feel it and portray it.
 He was twirling around on the stage and you could tell the fans loved him as they were all yelling Adam.
Here is a view of what it feels to be on stage at So You Think You Can Dance at an audition.  I would like to say that what I saw during this live taping of auditions is exactly what you see on the show.  There is no creative editing and the judges respond with feedback after each performance.  The camera people also are capturing responses of the family and friends of the dancer while they are dancing.  We saw one Mother break down crying tears of happiness when her child was given a ticket to Vegas.
Here are the judges looking at you.
They don't looks so scary right?  However they do control your fate and if you will move on to choreography, straight through with a ticket to Vegas or go home.
What amazing people and true inspiration for the Dance Community.  They have built so many stars with their show and continue to do that season after season.  I have seen so many of their dancers go on to movies, TV, Broadway, and choreography.
 They even signed the back of this picture of the kids and I from our last recital.
Nigel looking at our picture.
Nigel giving back my picture signed.
Mary with a heart above her name and Nigel's signatures.
Who knows, maybe some day I will get to go watch Lauren in auditions.  Here she was ready for her first dance recital.
Or maybe Evan will be the one auditioning with hip hop.
What an amazing experience!  
Look out for Season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance coming in May of this year on FOX.
So You Think You Can Dance Website:
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Dizzy Feet Twitter: @DizzyFeetTweet
Disclosure:  This opportunity was provided to me through Boston Parent Bloggers.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I am SO jealous! Thanks for the great rundown of the day - that's second best, I guess!

I adore Adam Shankman. All the judges are great, but he's my favorite. :)

Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama said...

I am so jealous too! I wish I could have been there. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time!

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Great job, Gilda! How exciting. . . .

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it looks like you had a very exciting day!! so much fun!

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looks like super fun