Sunday, August 18, 2013

8/17/13: Doc McStuffins Mobile Tour at the Franklin Park Zoo Boston

We love going to the Zoo and had a great excuse to visit today as the Disney Junior Series Doc McStuffins had an interactive "Doc Mobile" at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.  
Don't worry if you are not in Boston, check out the schedule here for all tour dates.  The tour is themed "So Much You Can Do…to Take Care of You!" the initiative is inspired by Disney Junior's acclaimed "Doc McStuffins," the animated series that models good health and compassion through stories of a young girl, a would-be doctor, who cares for her ailing stuffed animals and other toys. The Doc Mobile features an area for kids to perform a "check-up" on their own toys plus other activities and age-appropriate health and wellness lessons including nutrition and physical development and fitness.  This particular stop involved purchasing a Zoo admission.  Not all stops on the tour involve purchasing admissions to locations. 
First off I must say I have been to the Franklin Park Zoo many times and I have never seen it as busy at it was today.  It was all due to the Doc Mobile.  The line was extremely long so I would suggest arriving early for your visit.  They had several areas that you went through.  You started with a little dance area with Radio Disney Junior singing songs about great ways to stay healthy.
 There were tips as you went through.  This one was about getting active.
Then you learned about hydration in the next area. 
And hydrated Lenny.
Plus you got a cool water bottle to hydrate yourself.
Doc McStuffins Season Two Premieres Friday, September 6 with some great guest stars including Geena Davis, Jeffrey Tambor, Tony Hale, Molly Shannon, Sutton Foster, Amy Sedaris and Peter MacNicol.  
 Then we moved on to an area that teaches you about eating well.  The kids were given place mats to put foods in the right area.
 Then it was time for the real fun.  Putting on your lab coat and going in to the Doc Mobile to give your animals a checkup.
Here is Lauren giving Bamboo her Panda a checkup. 
The kids were so cute and took their Doctor duties seriously.
Evan checking out Zigzag his Zebra.
 Weighing Bamboo.
 There were screens to use and give your stuffed animal an x-ray, examine his eyes and check him out.
 Lauren checking things out.
 Both Doctors got measured before leaving the Doc Mobile.

 With Bamboo and Zigzag in perfect health it was time to exit the van.  The Disney Media people were there and took a picture of the kids coming out of the van.
 The Doctors Are In!  The Disney Doc Mobile people take a picture and give you a print out and also provide iPads for you to email it to yourself and share the picture on Social Media.  Doc McStuffins herself was not at our location but will appear at some of the sites including New York, DC, San Antonio, and LA.
You also had the opportunity to meet real-life doctors from the Artemis Medical Society, an organization of more than 2500 female African-American physicians from around the world who formed their group after seeing a reflection of themselves in "Doc McStuffins." Recognizing the opportunity to further inspire young girls, the group serves to nurture, mentor and provide the foundation necessary to create a diverse physician workforce. 
What a fun time for the kids, plus we got to enjoy the Franklin Park Zoo after which we love!  I will talk about all the fun there in another post.

 A "Doc McStuffins: The Doc Mobile" game and other digital activities including one that invites boys and girls to create a customized doctor avatar, will debut on on Friday, August 30. 
Follow The Doc Mobile tour route on Disney Junior's Facebook page 
Twitter at @DisneyJuniorUSA #DocMobile
Disclosure:  I was provided tickets to the Zoo as media access to the event.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


ToyQueen said...

Love your pictures! I was so curious to see how they organized it! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Mike said...

We arrived at the zoo at 11:00 AM, 1/2 hour after it opened. We spent $56 to get into the zoo (2 adults and 2 kids) and then immediately got on line to see the Doc Mobile. We finally got into the "exhibit" at 2:00 and were forced through and were out at 2:33. By the time we were able to experience the exhibit, my kids were spent and didn't enjoy it. My older daughter was quite bummed there weren't any characters at the event. None. Zip. Zero. Nil. Nul. A lot of other parents were also very disappointed at what the kids got to experience after such a long wait. It's one thing if it were taking place at a park. BUT I had to PAY $56 to even experience waiting in a 3 hour line. Sorry. I expect more from Disney.

Andrea B. said...

Your pictures are awesome! I'm so glad your family went and had a great time. Looks like a lot of fun. Fantastic shots! Thanks for sharing. :)

Amy Albers said...

Great post! Makes me even more excited for the Atlanta stop!

Deb @ Focused on the Magic said...

Great overview of the day! Looks like your kids had a good time.

Julie Franklin said...

LOVE your photos! What a fun event. Can't wait til it gets to ATL!

Kuleen @ said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't wait to go in San Antonio.

Rhe Christine said...

so excited for this event to come to DC! my daughter is going to go nuts!
thanks for sharing your picks is looks like it was such a fun ay

Ellen said...

Looks like this must have been an amazing time!