Thursday, December 26, 2013

12/26/13: Polar Express at Edaville USA

Every year it is tradition that we go to Edaville USA at the holidays.  I have been going since I was a little kid.  We used to always go for Christmas Festival of Lights but this year we tried out The Polar Express Train that was newly added last year.  
Here are the kids excited to go on The Polar Express train. 
The Polar Express runs till December 28th and you must buy tickets in advance to ensure you will have a spot on the train.  The Polar Express is $34 per person but you can also enjoy the Festival of Lights train and rides.  The Festival of Lights runs until January 1st so you still have time to go.  Check out their website or Facebook page for times, prices and details.  Evan was extremely excited to ride the steam train.
It really wouldn't be the holidays without us riding on The Polar Express at least once.  My kids love the book and I love the magical feeling of seeing them ring the bell.
 It was a little rainy when we went but that didn't ruin our fun at all.  Of course it was dry on the train.  The Polar Express train ride runs multiple times a night but you buy your tickets for a specific time.  The ride is 50 minutes.  When you board you are greeted by your cook/story teller that will be displaying the book for you.
You then journey to the North Pole.  This ride takes you on newer tracks that are not on the Festival of Lights route.  When at the North Pole you stop.
Adults and children are given hot chocolate and a cookie.
Then of course Santa must present each child with the first gift of Christmas - a beautiful bell.

Of course the bell only rings for those who believe.  Both Lauren and Evan believe in the magic of the season and heard the bell loudly ring.

Lauren was having fun clearing the window.

Then you back track and finish out the Festival of Lights route.

...and to all a good night.
 There are also rides at Edaville and a play area inside with trains and Santa.  They also had added a tent that had this cool inflatable snow globe that kids could go in. 
 There are lots of cool boxes outside with cool decorations.
Here you can see some of the lights.  I can't do it justice with pictures.
 Edaville USA is a must visit in summer and at the holidays!
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Folow them on Twitter: @EdavilleUSA
Disclosure:  Tickets were provided to me for review purposes of The Polar Express.  No other compensation was received.

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