Sunday, October 19, 2014

10/19/14: Monster Mash Annual Halloween Costume Party

Today was our Annual Halloween Monster Mash Party.  The kids had an awesome time!  I love Halloween and this is always a really fun party to throw.  
Plus it is great to see all of the kids in their costumes.
 The kids were Elsa and a Swat Team member.
 Here I am with Lauren, I dressed up like Sleeping Beauty.

Even Fred had a costume.  He was a Ghostbuster.
The house was all decorated and we were ready to go.
 Here is the Graveyard cake which is so much fun to make and really easy.
 Attack of the Elsas!
 The girls being silly.
 Some of the boys.
 More of the girls.
 Here they all are (missing 5 kids that showed up later).
I had a lot of children at my house but decided the best way to keep them out of trouble was to keep them busy.  We started by painting Halloween themed sun catchers.
 We had three long tables setup for them.
 Here are all their sun catchers.  They made ghosts, bats, witches, spiders, and ghosts.
 All the kids eating pizza.
 Having fun.
 Then the kids got to decorate cookies which is always a big hit.
 Evan's cookie.
 Lauren with her cookie.
 Fred getting some love from some angels.
 Wow check out these guys.
What an awesome party!  I can't wait till next year.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am wondering if you or your daughter have an instagram account under the name zuzudancer? There is an account that my daughter is friends with and it looks just like your daughter! What a small world if so!!!