Sunday, October 26, 2014

10/26/14: Disney Princess Palace Pets

Our family loves our pet dog Fred.  He is part of our family so why shouldn't Disney Princesses have pets in their family?  Disney Consumer Products in collaboration with licensee, Blip Toys created Disney Princess Palace Pets.  They are another hot holiday toy and next up in my Holiday Gift Guide.
We received three of them.  There is Aurora's Furry Tail Friend Fox Nuzzles, Snow White's Furry Tail Friend Bunny Berry and Ariel's Walking and Wiggling Kitty Treasure.
They are super cute with great detail, glitter and a fuzzy tail to brush.
Lauren was having fun brushing them.
Here is another cute one.
They also come with storybooks that Lauren was having fun reading.  Any toy that encourages her to read more is a great toy to me.
Lauren was having fun with them all interacting and making up little situations they were in.
They are a great toy to take in the car and let kids have them interact.   There is also a Disney Princess Palace Pets app.  The app shares the story of how the Palace Pets met the Disney Princess characters and includes activities such as an interactive royal salon where children can wash, brush, groom, accessorize and treat the pets to snacks. 
 This one is super cute as it wiggles as it walks.  You pull back on her and she wiggles her tail as she moves forward.
Here they are as packaged.  These are great as a stocking stuffer, or a school gift swap toy as they are inexpensive.
These are definitely one of the Hot Toys this Holiday Season.  
Disclosure:  I received these three Disney Princess Place Pets for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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