Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5/18/16: Boston Red Sox Game Kid Nation and Wally's Birthday

I am extremely fortunate to be a part of the Red Sox Moms.  We have always loved the Boston Red Sox and now that my son plays Little League he enjoys going to games even more.  The Red Sox have done so much over the past few years to make Fenway Park more family friendly.  I am amazed at all of the improvements that came from discussions myself and others had with the marketing team.  The Kids Concourse is awesome.  You can see some more pictures of the Kids Concourse here.
Evan is turning 11 in a week so we are starting the celebration for his birthday.  He was very happy to begin the celebration in great seats at Fenway Park.
Tessie (Wally's sister) has been a great addition to the Red Sox family.  We got to meet her at the Red Sox Winter Weekend at Foxwoods.  
She has been added to the bench in the Kids Concourse.  Also make sure to sign up for Kid Nation.  Children 14 and under can register for a free.  The Red Sox Kid Nation program is presented by Hood.  More than 53,000 fans signed up for the Kid Nation program after the free ticket was introduced in 2015!
The Red Sox have made enhancements to Wally’s Clubhouse, located in the Kids Concourse behind right field, including opportunities for kids to experience the tactile elements of baseball.  A rolling mobile exhibit will feature a miniature fiberglass version of Pesky’s Pole that youngsters can sign with a dry erase marker, a piece of the padded field wall that lines the infield and outfield, and various compartments with objects for them to feel, such as a deconstructed baseball and Fenway Park dirt.  Miniature lockers staged to look just like the ones in the Red Sox clubhouse will be installed in Wally’s Clubhouse, and an oversized trunk filled with authentic Red Sox jerseys, cleats, and batting gloves will be available for kids to play dress up.  In addition to the tactile elements, enhanced organized games and activities such as Red Sox bingo, story time, Q and A sessions, and lessons on  scoring the game will take place in the space.  All of Wally's friends came to visit for his birthday party.  This was a great picture opportunity in the Kids Concourse.
There are virtual reality experiences within Fenway Park of the dugout.  There are also virtual reality stations in Wally's Clubhouse.  The videos will also be available to fans online.  There are lots of great picture opportunities in the Kids Concourse.  Here is Evan looking pretty cool as a Red Sox player!
It was very exciting when they got a Home Run.  The whole park erupted.
Did you also know that the Red Sox Foundation does wonderful things?  They sponsor Little League teams across the Commonwealth by providing grants that help supply uniforms and equipment.  The foundation will also continue to fund and operate 32 RBI teams (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) and Rookie Leagues.  The youth programs serve more than 1600 at-risk children in the Boston area.  Plus when you are at a game Tweet the Red Sox Foundation (@RedSoxFund) with your seat location and #OrangeApron and you can win Red Sox prizes!
Take the kids out to the ballgame and enter through Gate K (for Kids) and have a great time!
Happy Birthday Wally!!!!

Disclosure:  As a part of the Red Sox Moms I was provided with tickets to the Red Sox Game for promotional purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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