Sunday, May 1, 2016

4/27/16: Baton Twirler Turned Twirler Mom 10 Highlights of Baton Twirling

I honestly would have never thought back when I was twirling that some day I would be the Mom watching my daughter twirl in competitions, parades and shows.  But guess what?  I totally am!  I watch her practice, I teach her tricks and now I go to competitions and get the same butterflies I had and stress when she goes out on the floor.  Plus she wears the same costume I wore back in the day.
She also wears the same dress for modeling.  As part of baton competitions you model in a dress if you are in Advanced and in a costume for best appearing.
At all of her competitions she is always cool as a cucumber and I am the one that is a basket case.  I do have those moments though when I just settle down and enjoy her performing and those are the best moments.  It is like a sisterhood of baton twirling.  We all know the fear of dropping, forgetting a routine, or rocking it with a no drop!
For me these are the 10 highlights of baton twirling that I hope she experiences:
1.  Having fun with your baton twirling friends who are like sisters to you and there for you through thick and thin.
2.  Enjoying the wins but also not being too hard on yourself with the losses.
I have had tears well up in my eyes when she wins and also when she has a good routine and feels good about it.
3.  Practicing something you love and being challenged along the way.
4.  The rush of catching a trick you have been practicing forever and just couldn't get.
5.  Enjoying twirling with your team and having fun practicing with them and marching in parades with them.

6.  Sharing your achievements with the world!
The Suburban-ettes Twirl Team won the 2016 Major Margie Gilbert Award for Dedication to Twirling and they also won the 2016 Linda Lanni Memorial Award for Outstanding Team Sportsmanship!
Lauren also won her Beginner Pageant at Miss Majorette of MA.
6.  Enjoying staying at hotels with your team before competitions and having fun together.
7.  Getting dressed up in beautiful costumes and dresses and having gorgeous curls in your hair.
8.  Learning good posture and composure.
9.  Having your friends be amazed when you twirl or toss your baton and turn and catch it.
10.  Being a Baton Twirler is JUST AWESOME!  Plus no matter what people say it is a sport!  A very difficult sport.

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