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6/18/16: ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival in Boston

Disclosure:  Although this post has been generously sponsored by ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival, the opinions and language are my own. 

My daughter is extremely active.  She loves to baton twirl and dance and it keeps her very fit and busy.  She is on competitive teams with both baton and dance and it makes her work hard.  I was extremely excited when ivivva invited us to their Coast to Coast Summer Festival for Boston at Gillette Stadium!  This awesome festival connects girls through movement and empowers them to dream big!  Plus the event is FREE!  You heard that right, it is free!
What does every young girl like to do?  Shop of course!  When we arrived we started out with some shopping in their pop up shopping area.  There were lots of cool ivivva tops and bottoms to chose from.  Lauren loves comfortable clothes that she can do splits in, hand stands, and turn in.  She loved the feel of all of the ivivva clothes and especially liked the sports bras.  ivivva is a word meant to embody the strength and beauty in all girls and is inspired by active girls just like Lauren.
ivivva is created by the same people as lululemon so you know they will be high quality.  Their clothes come in sizes 6-14.  You can shop online or find the store nearest you at  At the event there was even a dressing room for her to try on some outfits.
I love that ivivva is co-created with girls!  Their designers listen to girls’ feedback and ideas and design what they need.  Their stores are community spaces that quickly transform with moveable fixtures to host complimentary events like dance, yoga, run clinics, and a variety of athletic classes so girls can try new activities, make new connections, and have fun we encourage girls to test out the gear they are trying on, and they have the space to let them move and see how it feels.
Lauren picked her favorite colors purple and teal.  The purple tank she is wearing is sold exclusively at the event with limited quantities.  She also got some cool shorts, a sports bra and matching headband.  The sports bra is now her favorite as she says it is so comfortable.  I know she will be wearing it with her leotard to dance class and to baton under her tank.
After we were done shopping and Lauren was all suited up we moved on to some of the activities.  Outside there was face painting and a fun little photo station.  Lauren loved taking a picture with an emoticon and tried to make the same face as it.
Everyone was so welcoming, especially the Boston Pride Women's Hockey Team!  This first-ever all women’s professional paid hockey league, the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL), officially debuted in October 2015.   In March 2016, the NWHL’s Boston Pride defeated the Buffalo Beauts to win the inaugural Isobel Cup.  They spent time talking to Lauren and asking her what her favorite activities are.
Lauren also got to chat with a Patriots Cheerleader.  Lauren's teacher used to be a Patriots Cheerleader so she talked to her about that.
This festival is hosted between June 17 – July 23.  The 4 major stops on the tour are Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and will host up to 500 girls.  The festival started with some free play.
The program started out with an inspiring message from the Boston Pride's forward Jillian Dempsey.  I enjoyed her talk and encouraging girls to try hard and also to thank their support system all around them including their parents, coaches and more.
She talked about her experience growing up and getting to be on the first-ever all women’s professional paid hockey league.
After this inspiring message the girls got to do some yoga.
There were also some snacks and drinks for the girls if they needed a break.
Each girl was given a card to put what their dream was.
Lauren put "To become a professional baton twirler".  I sent this to her baton coach who was very excited to see this.
All the girls got to put their dream up on to the Dream Boards.  Some girls went up to the microphone to share their dreams with the crowd.
Last but not least was the crowd favorite, POUND!  Girls were given Ripstix and had a rock out workout!  This was awesome to hear and be a part of.
This was a type of exercise I had never seen before and it looked so fun!  It is a cardio jam session where you have fun making music with the sticks! 
POUND was founded in 2011 by two female drummers, and now has over 7,000 instructors, teaching in various gyms and studios, worldwide.  For more information go to:
Here is some video to get a feel for what this was like!
Make sure your daughter makes it to this wonderful festival!
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