Sunday, June 26, 2016

6/26/16: Monster Jam Path of Destruction and Pit Party Fun

We have been going to Monster Jam since 2013 and absolutely love it!  When we first went I didn't know what to expect, but now after all of our visits we are pros.  We love starting out at the Pit Party which is a must do!  For only $10 to attend the Pit Party you get full access to all the drivers and get up close with the Monster Trucks which is awesome!
The kids love to take their Program Booklets and get them signed by all of the drivers.  One of Evan's favorites is Grave Digger and to see Dennis Anderson is so cool.  This is the second time we have got to meet him.
The Pit Party we went to went for 3 hours giving us a lot of time to see many drivers.  I will say prioritize who you want to see though.  Grave Digger and Max-D tend to have the longest lines so plan your order of drivers in advance.  Gas Monkey Garage sponsors a Truck and this is one of the new additions to the show.  The truck was driven by BJ Johnson who we met last year but he was driving a different truck.
Another newer truck was VP Racing Fuels' Mad Scientist.  I love the Scientist guy.  This truck is driven by Lee O'Donnell,
 I had also never seen Carolina Crusher driven by Gary Porter.
Lauren's favorites are of course the female drivers.  Here is Nicole Johnson who drives Scooby-Doo.  We met her back in 2013 and last year also.

Here is Team Hot Wheels driven by Scott Buetow.  He was a big winner in Monster Jam winning the Freestyle Competition.
One of my absolute favorites is Zombie driven by Bari Musawwir.  The arms bouncing up and down as he drives around cracks me up.
Here is Soldier Fortune driven by Chad Fortune.
We also love Max-D but the line was too long to meet the driver Tom Meents.  This truck is so cool.  They had some problems early on in the show and feverishly tried to fix it.
Here are the kids with many of the trucks.
Wow they are strong holding up El Toro Loco.
After the Pit Party we had a little break so we headed to eat something at Patriot Place.  Then at 7 it was back to the show.  The kids couldn't wait.
Here are all the trucks lined up ready to go.
The competition started out with time trials.  Here you can see Team Hot Wheels and Gas Monkey Garage.
Here is Monster Energy and Grave Digger.
Then there was a donut competition.  But last but not least is my favorite the Freestyle competition.  Check out the height these Monster Trucks get!
I love Zombies arms bouncing around as he jumps.
But the winner with a back flip was Team Hot Wheels.
What a great night for Monster Jam!  Check them out when they are in your town.

Disclosure:  I was provided with four tickets to the Pit Party and Monster Jam show for promotional purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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