Friday, November 4, 2011

11/4/11: Trick or Treating in November, This is a First!

As I said in my earlier post about Halloween Trick or Treating our town postponed due to a majority of the town (including us) being without power. Well the power is restored, thank goodness! It is amazing what you take for granted when it comes to having electric. So tonight we got to Trick or Treat in our town!  The kids were really looking forward to it.
Here are the kids with our neighbors.  They play togethr quite a bit.
There were many kids out trick or treating, but not nearly as many as usual.
Lauren getting her loot.
Evan getting some loot (and John as the Whoopie Cushion).
All's well that ends well.  All in all it will be a memorable Halloween thanks to this crazy storm, but it also extended Halloween a little longer which was cool.

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