Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11/1/11: Trick or Treating and Snow??? And No Power!

Last night we went Trick or Treating on Halloween but not in our town.  We couldn't go in our town due to a snow storm that caused power outages for 80% of the town.  In fact we are on Day 3 of having no power.  I am over at my parents now as I type this.  Our town trick or treating has been rescheduled for Friday.  How crazy?  And Santa arrived at our mall today!  This will be our most memorable Halloween ever.  We were very fortunate to have some good friends in the next town over that invited us over for trick or treating.  Here are the kids ready to go.
 Here is the snow behind my Halloween decorations.  This looks so wrong.
 The storm that caused all the issues.
 Right before we lost power we made a Jack o Lantern.
 The kids one more time ready to go.
 Their first house of Trick or Treating.
 Lauren getting lots of candy.
Think thoughts of power for us.  I hope we get it back soon.

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MommaKiss said...

Wait a minute, Santa??? Already???? My kids would be totally messed up.
Hope you're back in business soon. Our town had a ton of snow and downed trees, but power was only out for a little bit.