Friday, August 10, 2012

8/10/12: Have You Been to Chuck E. Cheese's Lately?

My kids have such a great time when we go to Chuck E. Cheese's.  The location we go to in Burlington, MA has changed a lot of their equipment and I thought I would share with you some of the changes and some of my tips on going there.  Plus there are some changes to the mouse himself.
First off did you know that Chuck E. Cheese comes out every half hour and dances with the kids and then throws a bunch of tickets in the air.  My kids love this and love to get tickets from him.  Our location has gone through a ton of changes with all new games.  A lot are electronic and the kids love them.
 Evan loves to drive cars so he spends a lot of time on these games.  So does his Dad.
Ok, on to some of my tips:
-  Go on to the Chuck E. Cheese's website and sign up for coupons.  These will get emailed to you periodically and are great deals on tokens and food.  
-  Bring a copy of your child's report card.  Each Report Card will give you 15 tokens of play.  Note this can only be done with a food purchase.  
-  Print out Rewards Calendars and get 10 tokens of play per child.  Can also only be done with a food purchase.
-  Play Games online and earn up to 30 tickets.
Right there I just told you how to get 25 tokens per child and 30 tickets!
Evan playing one of the new games.  This has dump trucks with lots of tokens in it.  Here is Evan with his tickets.
 Another new game.
 A electronic rocket game that Evan got to the middle and got lots of tickets.  We personally save up our tickets and then get a big item.
 Plus did you know that the Pizza is a new recipe.  It does taste a lot better than it did in the past and I know my kids love it.  I opted for the Salad Bar for a healthier option.  Great to know you have options.
Did you know that Chuck E. Cheese has even launched a new character.  “Chuck E. Rocks,” the new creative focuses on the fun kids have at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Voicing Chuck E. Cheese, the beloved mouse, is musician and celebrity voice talent Jaret Reddick meant to contemporize Chuck E. Cheese.  The Chuck E. Cheese mouse has now turned in to a rock star.
You can watch their latest TV Commercial here:
Of course you have to play the old school games too.  We love Skee Ball.
 Lauren loves playing.
 Lauren loves riding the horse there.  Luckily they didn't take it out with all the changes.
 Here is the play area that the kids can crawl through.
Some of the games.
More of the games area.
 Everyone's a winner.
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Disclosure:  I received a gift card to Chuck E. Cheese's to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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