Thursday, October 25, 2012

10/25/12: Monsuno Toys - Fun to Launch and Battle

When I was at Toy Fair I got to tour the JAKKS Pacific showroom in New York and I was introduced to Monsuno.  This is a cool line of toys for both boys and girls. 
 Here you can see the variety in the line.  There are the cores with Monsuno action figures in them, there are launchers, battlefields, and even trading cards.
 They are quite addictive to play with.  You basically spin them to launch them at each other and battle to see one of the figures be released.  When you launch them you say "Monsuno Launch".  To start off you see which core spins the longest and that person is the Defender and launches first in the game.
 There are 100s of figures to collect.
 Here is one close up.  Full directions on three levels of play are here.
 I was fortunate to receive a party pack of Monsuno toys.
 Here are some of the figures.  These are combat two packs.
 As you can see my son loves the blue ones.  He got very good at putting them back in their cores.  Me with my Mechanical Engineering masters had to ask Evan how to do this.
 Here is another one close up with the cards.
 Evan checking everything out.
 We invited some friends over to play with them.  Here are all the kids picking out their cards.
 And of course playing with them.
 The kids had a really fun time battling each other.  The kids really enjoyed playing with them and they seemed to keep their attention for quite a while.  We stuck with the Basic play as they got too confused by other levels of play. 
 These are really cool and I am recommending them as part of my Holiday Gift Guide so go check them out.
You can also watch full length episodes of Monsuno on Nicktoons! New episodes premiere Thursdays at 8:30PM EST.
Disclosure:  I was provided the Monsuno Toys for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


Playmobil Nautical Expedition said...

Even I was got amazed when I saw this Monsuno toys. What's good here is that it can even play by both boys and girls. They can have a battle of their Monsuno to enjoy and have more fun. Lucky are you that you saw this in the toy fair.

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