Sunday, October 28, 2012

10/28/12: La Dee Da Dolls from Spin Master

Next up for my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide is one for the girls from Spin Master Toys.  It is a La Dee Da doll.  We received City Girl Dee who's secret talent is blogging!  How cute is that?  Of course I could appreciate it.

"La Dee Da encourages all girls to design their world and turn ordinary to extraordinary."  An online component will be introduced to enhance play at and innovative apps and games will be developed for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. 
Here she is as packaged.

Lauren has seen advertisements for these dolls and was very excited when it arrived.  In fact I can't get the La La La Dee Da song out of my head.  Here she is switching things around.  The bow on her dress and the flower in her hair Velcro on so that you can swap them.
Of course little girls love to accessorize so she was excited to see that Dee had earrings and a beautiful bracelet.
Lauren thought she was very pretty and carried her around the rest of the day.  Lauren loves dresses so she loved her doll's dress.  Her leggings can also be made it to leg warmers.
The doll is very beautifully done.  Look at the detail on her face.  Check out her Statue of Liberty eye makeup.  She is a true New York City girl.
Lauren loved her and of course wanted to fix her hair, so here she is with a side pony tail.  She also decided to take her sweater off.  She looks very pretty.
Here are some of the other La Dee Da dolls that I got to see at the Time to Play Holiday Showcase.  They are all well done and retail for about $19.99.
I will be reviewing additional Spin Master Toys for my Holiday Gift Guide too, so stay tuned. 
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Disclosure:  I received the La Dee Da doll for review purposes for my holiday gift guide.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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