Sunday, November 10, 2013

11/10/13: Air Hogs Atmosphere by Spin Master

Next up in my Holiday Gift Guide is a fun hover toy which is fun to play with.  It is Air Hogs Atmosphere from Spin Master.  The technology in toys these days is really amazing.  
 It is controlled by you and hovers above any surface, no remote control needed.  Evan was having tons of fun controlling it.
 Due to it's spherical design it bounces easily off walls.  It also doesn't seem to hurt if it bounces off you.  I would suggest playing with it in a somewhat open area.
  It is rated ages 8 to 10 and I would agree with this age range.  My son is 8 and did well with it but much younger I would be afraid of their interaction with it.
 I will say that the plastic is quite thin on it making it a bit fragile to the touch.  Even when plugging it in to the charger you should be careful.
 To get it to work you start by plugging it in to the charger.  All of the batteries are contained in the charger and not in the sphere.
Once it is charged you will see the LED light turn from red to green.  You can also see a red button on the charger that is what you use to stop it when it is flying.  We found it easier to control with two of us, one to control the sphere, and one to press the red button to stop it.
Here is a little video of it in action.
Some warnings - 1. If you have a daughter with long hair like I do, keep her away from the sphere when it is flying unless her hair is up.  We had one issue with Lauren's hair getting stuck in it.  Luckily it was fairly easy to get it out.
2. As I said it does seem a bit fragile due to the light weight plastic.  It is great for flying but I would be careful handling it.
Evan thought it was a fun toy and it is nice that it can be played with inside or outside.
 Here it is as packaged and it sells for $24.99.
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Disclosure:  We received the Air Hogs Atmosphere for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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