Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11/27/13: Neat Oh Making Storage Fun

When I was at Time to Play Mag's Holiday Showcase in New York I was introduced to Neat-Oh! and was more than impressed.  They have wonderful products that are both functional and fun.  We were lucky enough to received two of them.  The first one is the Barbie Clutch Closet.
Not only is it fashionable, but it is easy to clean, but it is functional too.
It has a beautiful interior to bring your Barbie dolls with you.  It was always an issue that my daughter wanted to bring dolls to school and she would end up losing accessories.  With this new clutch closet she stores all of her stuff in one place.
Plus she has brought it to school and she said that she plays with it all the time as they play house and she plays the Mom with her fashionable purse.  I love it!
Here it is as packaged, is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  Plus it is perfect for your little Fashionista.  It retails for only $14.99!  What a perfect gift.
Here is another awesome Barbie product they have that holds dolls plus it opens up to be a Dream House Play
This is another super cute one with a little doll.  It is a Princess Bring Along Dollhouse.  Perfect for little ones.
For my son we received the Lego Star Wars ZipBin Toy Box and Playmat.
We are always trying to find creative solutions for storage and when I saw this one for the first time I loved it.
It is super durable and has zippers on each corner that allow the Toy Box to turn in to a Playmat!
It works just like this one which is the Dinosaur version.  It is so easy to take it apart and put it together.  This way it contains the mess and kids can play with the Playmat.
Of course Evan loves trains, he does love Legos too but he decided to store his train in here.  As you can see it holds quite a bit!
I love the sides of it and the details.
How adorable.
They also carry super cute lunch boxes.
I love this Go Sport Basketball Backpack.  Carry your things and get a little basketball practice in.  It includes the basketball too and when it is folded up the net folds flat.
For you Yoda fans, love this carry case.
Here is the Lego Star Wars ZipBin Storage Toy Box as packaged.  It retails for only $22.99 and this is a much more exciting gift than a boring storage bin for all of your Legos.
I highly recommend Neat-Oh! solutions.  What an awesome way to make keeping things organized fun.  You can find all their products on Amazon here.
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Disclosure:  I received the Barbie Clutch and Lego Star Wars Storage Toy Box for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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