Sunday, November 10, 2013

11/10/13: Disney Planes Wing Control Dusty Crophopper

We loved Disney Cars when it came out, so I knew Disney Planes would be a big hit with my son.  Recently we were able to try out the Wing Control Dusty Crophopper toy thanks to Toys "R" Us.  It is uniquely controlled by little wings that kids hold on their hands.
You drive him forward by pressing and holding a controller button which also makes his propellers spin.  By moving your arms up and down you can control him even further.
He can bank left and right by matching your moves.
He also speaks including more than 40 sounds and phrases from the movie.  If your child does not want to use the wings there is also a button on the top of him that you can press and he will perform three pre-programmed moves.
I think this is a great way for little ones to control the airplane.  Kids are so used to motion control now.  It is meant for ages 5 and up.  It was easy to control there is just no way to go backwards so when he gets stuck someone will need to move it.
Even Fred our dog was getting in to playing with Dusty.
This toy is so much fun and if your child was a fan of the movie they will be a fan of this toy.
Here is Evan checking out the inner workings.
Here is what is included.  It takes 4 AA batteries in Dusty and 3 AAAs in one of the wings.
Here it is as packaged.  It can be purchased here at Toys "R" Us.
Disclosure:  I received this toy for review purposes from Toys "R" Us.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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