Sunday, March 24, 2013

3/24/13: Lauren's 1st Baton and Modeling Competition

Lauren competed in her first Baton and Modeling competition today.  It was the 2013 NBTA Massachusetts State Championships and Mass Classic and she competed with her team first in Tiny Tot Small Dance Team and then in Modeling.  I am so proud of her and she had so much fun.  It brought back a lot of great memories being there today and even seeing some of the judges I used to have judge me.  
Her team is the Suburban-ettes Twirl Team and they competed in the State and Open Category.
As you can see she is very excited to perform.  She was like this all day, all smiles and excited to go out there.  I was so happy she was having fun.
This was the first time ever for them to compete.  They did awesome!
Her team came in 1st in their MA State competition.  
 They even had everyone clapping along to their music.
 So cute!
 They were so happy and they did so well.
 Then in Open they came in 2nd.  They had their Open performance first and were definitely getting the nerves out.
 Love the action shots.
 They were so adorable and got so many compliments on their costumes.
Here they are with one of their teachers.
Here is some video of the routine.

Then we stayed for Modeling.  Lauren did Best Appearing and Queen in both State and Open and won them all!!!  She is holding the same bear in a costume that I used to bring to my competitions when I was a kid!
 Here she is practicing with me.
 This is going on for her first ever modeling competition.  This was Queen which also has an interview afterwards.
 Here she is doing her State Queen competition which she won!
 She did so good for her first time out!
 Interview time.
 Here is some video of her Modeling.

Here she is with her Team's 1st place win for State.
 Here she is with her two teachers.
 Mass State Queen!  Awesome job Lauren!


Alison said...

Awesome job, Lauren (and mommy!). Congratulations!

kalib said...

Congratulations Lauren!!! I loved watching the video- you looked great.