Monday, September 1, 2014

9/1/14: Canobie Lake Park Fun

I love going to Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH and have been going since I was a kid.  Now we take an annual trip with my best friend and neighbor and the kids have a blast.  There are so many fun rides, games and a water park to give you a full day of fun.
Make sure to keep an eye on their website and also join the Canobie Club to get all the latest updates and find out when the discounted tickets are on sale.  You can either buy the discounted tickets at a local mall or online.  
Discount coupons are also available.  Check their website for locations.  Plus now they have a Canobie Lake Park App you can download and use while you are in the park!  
 The kids are really growing up.  Now both Lauren and Evan are above 48 inches.  This is the first year they were both tall enough to ride some of the rides and sadly turned down on the kiddie rides as they are too big.  Here they are on the Skater.

They really liked this ride.
Another favorite was Wipeout.
 This one goes up and down and they were loving it.  They went on it multiple times.
 They did still go on the Dragon roller coaster.  This is a smaller roller coaster.
It was fun watching them go on the Jungle Bounce.  They still giggled.

I went on Untamed again which is a super fun roller coaster.  My friend's daughter wanted to ride and I was happy to go on.
 This roller coaster goes straight up and then right down and in to a loop.  It is awesome!
 The little area is nice where they have this ride.
The kids also went on the Boat ride. 

 They also went on the Boston Tea Party.  This soaks you.  They changed in to their bathing suits first.
 Here you can see the spray it gives off and the unsuspecting people walking by getting sprayed.
Here they are after the went on it. 
Since they were already wet it was time to head to Castaway Island and get more wet.
They had fun here in the water park. 
We also had fun riding on the sky ride.
It is nice to ride over the park. 
On the Sky Ride you have some beautiful views.  Here is the Caterpillar which I love.
 It is so pretty there.  My friend and I were lucky enough to take the Boat ride at the end of the day which is a nice leisurely ride.  

Our husbands took the kids on some more rides as we went on the boat.  What lovely views.

They also have Screeemfest coming up for Halloween time.
You should definitely go there if you haven't been.  I highly suggest going there if you have never been.  They also have Fireworks on select nights.  Just check their website.  
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Disclosure:  I was provided two tickets to Canobie Lake Park for this review.  No compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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